Kids And Manners

By Elie - 7:28 AM

This has got to be a first; me posting things more often than ever on the blog. Phew. Or maybe it's just the semester break blues, like I've got nothing to do and stuff.

Anyways let's get back to what I've got to rant about today. Kids. Yes, kids. But no of course I'm not talking about having any...yet...but I'm really just talking about kids who have absolutely no manners or a sense of respect for the public. So what had sparked this post is that I had dinner with my family last night at a restaurant nearby called Jeff Lee Kitchen and I unfortunately had to sit behind a family with a little girl. Hang on, I didn't pick that table on purpose. There was nobody behind us at first!

It didn't seem too bad having a family seated behind us at first but it was at that moment that my nightmare began. She. Screamed. Like. There. Would. Be. No. Tomorrow. If there has ever been ANYTHING that I could not stand, it was kids screaming, wailing, screeching, get the drill. But honestly, I cringed for each moment that little girl screamed. And every stare I gave was a stare of death yet her parents just didn't care.

I'll be honest, I don't blame the child for screaming that much. I'd blame her parents. I blame them for the lack of interest in educating their child basic mannerism. I shame them for not taking initiative to tell their child how wrong it was to behave as she did. And I just have no idea how that child would grow up to be. Perhaps I grew up in a family of no nonsense education but would you really rather live with a child who falls to the ground to demand for whatever interests them?

Oh right, here's a treat for those who knows how to converse or at least understand the Cantonese language. I found this not only hilarious but ridiculously annoying toward the ending. Seriously, watch this. And for those who have no idea what this is all about, it's really just a girl in the streets of Hong Kong throwing an unreasonable tantrum toward her boyfriend for pulling his hand away from her grip as he checked for things over his phone. Long story short: she's jealous of his phone. It ends with her "solving" the "problem" by asking him to throw the phone away.

I swear to God no matter WHAT happens, I would smack my child if they screamed in public OR at home. I'm sorry, future husband. Our child would never turn out to be one of those who roll on the floor of a shopping mall demanding for a Barbie doll or a Hot Wheel car. Neither would they scream for ice cream (pun not intended) or wail for nothing. And all these, just because I can't stand annoying children. Hey, who's that cute kid?


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