When I Say I Do

By Elie - 11:54 AM

This is SO out of the blue that I would even consider talking about this but given recent events such as my own cousin's wedding and also watching endless videos that are on Youtube and Vimeo of people getting married, I just had all these weird imaginations of my very own "I Do" moment. And I'm only 20! So maybe this post could serve as my hilarious moment when I really get married to my Mr.Right. I mean, I cried reading about Timothy Tiah's ROM posts here and here as well as Audrey Ooi's account of their ROM. Seriously, it's ONE wedding but they both had so much to say about it!

Oh and just because I am on a break right now, I've got all this time in my hands that I could actually imagine what I would like during my moment. Yes, just like Audrey Ooi, I would like that "walk down the aisle" moment because there is just nothing beats that but I don't want to have it in some "pariah" Chinese restaurant with the chef probably scratching his armpit in the kitchen while preparing my dishes. Okay, that was probably quite uncalled for but it does give you a better image of what I'm talking about, right?

I'd really love a garden or beach wedding to be honest. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever beat nature when it comes to beauty. And I wouldn't want those super long dresses with a train that follows. I would like a simple, white and short dress for the whole occasion except during my dinner reception. For that I'd like a nice and long white tube dress...if my boobs permits it. Otherwise, a toga inspired dress would be nice too. And for the information of anyone who is making my dress, please do not put a corset on it because I will DIE while trying to breathe.

I'm still picking my music to walk down the aisle with because well I'm just indecisive like that. There's a part of me hoping to use "The Piano Guys" version of A Thousand Years and another part in me hoping to play Canon in D. Of course, there's THAT splitting part in me wanting to play Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. It'll all fall into place later on I suppose. Maybe I could have a mash up!  A Thousand Canon Cinderellas. Hahahaha...okay maybe not.

Of course, the next things are things I want around my reception. So I'd say the most important this is...alcohol. Because I drink. And my father drinks. And my mother drinks. And my brother drinks. And my aunty, uncle, cousins plus friends all drink. Oh and of course, because we're really supposed to eat, drink and be merry! It's a wedding reception, hello? You'll be assured of a good flow in beer because my father guzzles faster than a man who has just returned from the Sahara dessert and you'd expect lots of Roselle wine just because I LOVE Roselle wine. I'm sorry, hard liquor people. If the bride's not a fan of it, you're just not getting it. And then there's the food to consider. Like I said, I don't want some chef in the kitchen scratching his armpits while making my food to serve to my guests. Seriously, that's just disgusting. I'm looking at top notched food, so probably I could leave my brother to save me from the disaster. I love my brother.

And then I'd be picking guests. If you've been with me through thick or thin, you're on my list. If you've been stabbing my butt with that sharp tongue of yours, I may reconsider. If you've been annoying me all my life, I'd annoy you right back and make you sit JUST by the amplifier. If you're someone I have never liked then in all its obviousness, I wouldn't be inviting you. The next thing on my list is the existence of my perfect man. My dearest, most lovely Mr.Right. Because without Mr.Right, I can't possibly by married. Without that handsome prince of mine, I wouldn't really be putting this post to good use. So if you're the man...you're MY man.

Writing this has been just as fun as imagining a scene like it because I don't think I'd ever be married till I'm like 35 or something. Or if I'd ever be married at all. I'm sorry, future husband, but you'll definitely be the one in the kitchen cooking dinner alright? I am HOPELESS in cooking and I wouldn't get near raw fishes to be picking them out. I'm sorry! So to my future Mr.Right, I hope you're reading this with your full attention because you're in for a ride.

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  1. Ha ha ha, can't help laughing, very good & funny article :-)


    also BEFORE SUNRISE Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke (and the sequel BEFORE SUNSET )

  2. Hi Saiful,

    Thanks for your feedback! Glad that you have found my silly imaginations entertaining. My boyfriend definitely rolled his eyes at this.

    No, I have not watched any of the movies that you have mentioned. Are they any good? Maybe it's time I look into movie rentals for more quirky imaginations!



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