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Just about 10 minutes ago, I came across the feed by SAYS.my on my Facebook news feed that talked about the nation's bowler Noor Afizal Azizan escaping jail term after committing statutory rape on a 13 year old girl about 3 years ago. You see, the worst thing that had come out from the verdict was that he escaped the term because he apparently had a "BRIGHT FUTURE" as the nation's bowler. Completely taking race out of this account, what "future" had this man have to offer?

Noor Afizal Azizan, national ten pin bowling ace.
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The news caused a huge uproar amongst netizens most of them slamming the panel for their reasoning behind the verdict being as that "public interest would not be served if said rapist was given a custodial sentence because he had a bright future". Eventual follow ups of the said verdict were followed by a bombardment of words that Noor Afizal Azizan was best banned from any future competition and that he was a major disgrace to the nation. Adding to the dissatisfied lot of nations was Malaysian UMNO politician, Khairy Jamaluddin as well as Malaysian singer, actress and emcee, Adibah Noor in which had both voiced out their own thoughts of such disgrace.

Malaysian UMNO Politician, Khairy Jamaluddin voices out on his personal Twitter account

Malaysian singer, actress and emcee, Adibah Noor speaks on the issue

A full compilation of news feeds and details is best found in the site of SAYS.com.

So here begins MY thoughts. What constituted this supposed Noor Afizal Azizan to be one with a bright future? So he plays bowling. And he has probably won a few medals for the country, but what he has done right now is nothing but shame. Regardless on whether or not he has been in a relationship with the said 13-year old victim, it was wrong and everyone in fault should be treated the same; nation's pride or not. In fact, I would feel a lot more ashamed than proud if he were to represent the country to bag gold medals. Just imagine the thoughts of other nations that we have sent a rapist over? Have we grown to such desperation that we would even let a rapists on the loose? I already feel unsafe even in my own home, much less outside in public. Just imagine how many more rapists could be prowling around on the basis that they have been granted the reputation of having a bright future. So what if you're the very next Einstein? You have raped a girl, ruined her life, tarnished her mind and for that you should be disciplined, you deserve punishment and you should be rightfully put to where you rightfully belong; jail.

So the panel has said that Noor Afizal Azizan is someone with a bright future. What about the 13-year old said victim? What if, just by God's miracle, she is the person with a mind to cure cancer? What if, just by her luck, she happens to be a genius even brighter than Stephen Hawking? What about HER future at hand? The fact is that there has been no weighing in the victim's emotions, bar her family and friends' thoughts, in order to protect the said rapist. There has been no thoughts placed and no one who has come to walk in the shoes of the 13-year old girl whom has had to live with this ordeal. So today her rapist walks free. And tomorrow he returns with an apology? Should that just be the way things work? All you have to do after raping a person is to pay a fine and walk off free? What next? Murder to be set at a certain amount too? Drug trafficking will no longer be a big matter so long you have money? Or robbery cases be treated as a measly thing in light that rape isn't that big anyway? 

There are matters to think about and the nation definitely has questions for those involved. Should Noor Afizal Azizan be brought to the face of justice once again and be rightfully put where he is supposed to be? My verdict: yes. Not only should he be offered a terrible cell in a jail, I think he should be whipped too. I think he deserves the treatment just as those whom I have seen through a video that was aired in National Service. I think he deserves the bleeding that other cell inmates have felt and I think; more than anything, he should be banned from representing the country, his reputation severely tarnished and his name be shamed for all the wrongs he has done. As quoted from Malaysian UMNO Politician, Khairy Jamaluddin, "Rape is rape. Wrong is wrong." and there is just nothing more right that than.

Disclaimer: This post has been served with no disrespect to either race, political parties or law panels. This post is written purely out of a mindful thought without any ways of having to challenge any said verdict as per posted. All comments have been expressed with honesty and remains as that of the said author as per signed below.

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