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By Elie - 3:28 PM

A review? From yours truly? Great! So for the past week I've been extremely excited because I had received an e-mail from the SILKYGIRL team saying that they would like me to review a few of their new arrivals and let's be down right honest...who wouldn't say yes? That followed with a reply saying that my parcel would be sent out and LO AND came to my doorstep THIS VERY MORNING!

Pretty parcel in a ribbon. Too cute!

Of course, the first thing that came in my mind was..."RIP THAT BAG OPEN, QUICK!" but considering how this should be properly savored through my minutes, I decided to be civilized and carefully took out whatever was inside.

Poured out whatever was inside onto the table.

What's this?! A lip pot, lip balm, moisture lipcolor, precision brow liner and that super adorable lollipop?

No kidding, that was what came in that parcel? Immediately, I decided to start ripping everything in sight and get a quick test on what I had in hand.

SILKYGIRL Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF 15

Cute and swirly strawberry - vanilla lip pot!

"SILKYGIRL Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF 15, Strawberry Vanilla. Rich, creamy lip balm that nurture's lip's natural repairing mechanisms and prevents water evaporation for moist and soft lips. With antioxidant rich Vitamin E to help prevent free radical damage, loss of elasticity and reduces fine lines for younger looking lips. SPF15 helps protect lips from harmful UVA and UVB. Locks in 6 hour moisture."

The smell from this lip pot hit me directly on how sweet it was and I really loved how the colors blended with each another. Coming from a person who has a deep hatred for pink, this lip pot has seriously caught my eye. When I tried it on for texture, I noticed how it wasn't too oily and that it seriously smelled really good. I wonder what it would be like for my boyfriend to kiss me after? Upon licking my lips just a little as a bad habit, I realized that the lip pot actually tasted...sweet; just as it were real strawberry and vanilla! While I know it's not a good thing to be doing that but I couldn't stop stealing licks of it!

SILKYGIRL Fruitti Trio Lip Balm

Look at the colors! It looks like a traffic light!

"SILKYGIRL Fruitti Trio Lip Balm. A delectable, butter soft lip balm with three layers of unique flavors, each designed to give the lips a pink bloom. With beeswax and shea butter, properties to condition and hydrate lips so it remains soft and smooth. Also contains macadamia seed oil, a natural emollient to lock in moisture, resulting in supple lips. Locks in 6 hour moisture."

Do you remember the ice cream by Nestle called Traffic Light? If you do, then you would know exactly how I felt when I saw the Fruitti Trio Lip Balm! With three different layers of unique flavors (Strawberry, lemon and green grape) the lip balm gave me quite a hint of pink when I applied it on making it feel a lot more convenient for someone like me to brighten up my pale lips. Now this should stop my mother from nagging me over and over about my chapped and pale lips. Phew! Another lip savior!

SILKYGIRL MoistureShine Lipcolor

I had gotten the 01; Naked Truth unit for review

"SILKYGIRL MoistureShine Lipcolor. Enriched with Vitamin E & Natural Plant Extract to keep lips soft, moist and supple. Provides a natural sheen so lips look healthier than ever."

If you've known me well enough, you would know that I don't often apply make up; not even lipsticks. Most of the time, I would just bite on my lips just so the blood flows through my lips and that itself would give me that sheer pink I would want but that doesn't quite last very long.

I bite; just so I look sillier.

I loved how light the review unit of the MoistureShine was for my comparatively pale face and it didn't make me look like a blood sucking zombie with an out of proportion lip. Awesome!

SILKYGIRL Precision Brow Liner

Up close and uncapped!

Again, I have never been someone who uses make up often and it is quite difficult to catch me using brow liners. This time however, I made quite a breakthrough for myself and tried it on my brow. Upon using, I noticed how easy and precise it was for me to make a highlight of my brows. Suppose now I should make some effort for my face, shouldn't I?

Of course, seeing as that all these were my review units, I would be treasuring them with EXTRA care! could I have forgotten the extremely cute lollipop?

Lollipop in a tin can?

This huge lollipop in a tin can is really just a key chain but I couldn't stand how cute it is with all it's swirly red and white colors all over. Plus, the exquisite tin can is quite a treat. Sorry, boyfie. You may not have my lollipop in the tin can. It is mine and mine only! *Cue the evil laughter*

From what I've been told, all the products reviewed tonight are all available in stores now so I wouldn't be quite amazed if we'd be having girls walking around with such great smelling and pampering products for our lips! Sometimes, while we pamper our face and body we would forget our lips. Come on, girls. Who wouldn't want soft, supple and kissable lips? *Licks the lip pot applied on my lips* Yum.

[EDIT] Oh dear me, I made a huge blunder yesterday! So it turns out that the lollipop in a tin can that I had thought is really just a cute key chain is actually...

 Would you look at that?!

That's right! It's actually a thumb drive! And a 4 GB one at that! Uh-oh, silly Elie. I knew I should have put a little more guts into pulling the lollipop all around! But hey ho, better late than never knowing. And now that I do know, ANOTHER THUMB DRIVE FOR ME!

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