Haters Gonna Hate

By Elie - 11:23 AM

Yes! My semester break is finally coming to an end and I doubt I have ever been happier to get back to work!

Anyway, seemingly this whole semester break was spent on a whole load of Facebook games, mad munching and some rants here and there. But that's perfectly fine by me, or not. Oh but I do have to say, I've had so much more time right now to go through blogs that link me on their blogs and lo and behold, I caught one that had been lashing out stating their hate for me, my style or writing and my apparent inappropriate use of words and opinions.

Fact is, it first caught me off guard that I had put someone to that end whereby I have gained...a hater. To be honest, I never figured this blog would have worked out to even HAVE readers but I took my level of word crafting to a point that I would make sure like 10 billion times to never have offended anyone in anyway. After all, the opinions were mine, but the readers were still out there. What got me just a little more furious was that this hater had initiated that I really should stop writing given that she; in her own assumptions; appear to have a better mind for words and researches or simply put, just better than me.

Here's a word out to anyone who has felt offended in anyway to my posts: I apologize that you have felt offended through my words, but as I have pointed out numerous times, "Elie Says" has always and will remain as a personal blog stating and containing facts that are obtained in legitimate ways and have been sourced with very credible sites as per linked in every post that contain news which aren't from myself. While my point of view may be added in some of the posts, I would like to stress out in every aspect of importance that they have been simply my thoughts and you may find yourself ignoring whatever I have said, should that be what you like. You have a choice and there isn't a crazy serial killer standing behind you with a knife ordering that you completely read everything. You're most welcome to just drop by, skim through the facts and leave a comment or without.

A word to the lady whom has told me off to never write again on a personal account and also through her site, mindlessly linking my address to the insult: maybe it's time you've given your words a quick check before lashing out on people like me. I have pointed out over and over that everything written have come from a personal point of view and have in fact been weighed in options on whether or not people would feel offended or if the authorities would be involved. The labels to my posts does clearly say "Personal Thoughts" in all its glory. Haven't you been noticing all these fine details? Or have you only been coming round in thought of how to simply push me down further? If in your words researches are important, then you should be aware than tiny details are too. But what can I say, that may just be your thoughts that you have found such comfort in slandering my name. What I would love to do though is thank you to no ends for stringing over a load of traffic to my blog to have given me numerous readers in my path to improvement. No heart feelings, but maybe you should consider not writing too. I've read your stuff and I find them a whole load more offensive than what I would have ever said. Maybe if you were home to live through whatever is happening in the country, you'd have different thoughts. Of course, that would never be the case for you. 

Finally, to those who have been avid readers of my blog: I wish to thank you all for having supported me with your kind words and constructive comments. It is the path of growing up and I am more than happy to accept your words to improve myself for the better. I have never wanted to make "Elie Says" into something big, but instead just a place for my outlet and it could just be by fate that I have found such helpful people along the way. Nothing is certain, but I am truly glad to have found each and every one of you. Again, thank you very much. Cheers to you all!

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  1. XiaXue once said, "if you have no haters, you've failed to spark interest" Congrats, you have an interesting blog here! haha.. :D

    1. Hahahaha I'll take that to heart! Thank you very much, Merryn! :D

  2. Well you know what they say, haters hates because they simply envy your greatness and you are the reflection of what they dreamt of having! Keep on writting! She's not paying you anyway :P she demands some attention I guess.

    1. Hey there Kim-ster! Thanks for the support! :)

      I'm not sure if it were just envy but whatever it is, just as you said, she isn't paying me and I do not have any obligations to listen to what she has to say. I write because it's my interest, not because I am being TOLD to. :)


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