How To Tie Your Shoelaces ala Ethan

By Elie - 6:29 PM

Okay, so this feels a little impromptu but a few minutes earlier I came across Merryn's post on how she had taught her cute little boy, Ethan how to tie his own shoelaces! Click here for the video. It was pretty funny because I had commented on how I only learned how to tie my shoelaces 7 years back.

Don't laugh at me, I was always such a brat. I never lived with shoelaces until I got into Form 1 because of...Velcro. It has been THE best life saver ever and I've never been the last to get into the car because all I had to do was slip my foot in then strap the Velcro on. My brother on the other hand, had to figure out how to tie his shoelaces while half asleep. Yes, albeit our 6 years gap, we still went to school at the same time. Our schools were just about a 10 minutes walk apart after all.

Of course, the convenience didn't fare very well as soon as I hit secondary school. There was no way I was going to settle for shoes with Velcro when all the cool kids wore shoes with laces! Needless to say, the spoiled child got whatever she had wanted. But it didn't seem so easy for my father to teach me how to tie my shoelaces. Especially not when I was rushing to school so I always spent time in the car tying my shoelaces.

It gets extra funny because I had no idea how to clean my shoelaces. Come on, I lived through primary days with Velcro so my initial fix, just like how I settled my old school shoes was to...drench everything with the shoe whitener. I'm praying hard my parents don't come across this post because then they would know why we always ran out of shoe whitener. I used to take off my shoelaces and dip them into the bottle of whitener then put them out to dry! Don't be judging me now, the results are actually SPANKING clean and white shoelaces!

I don't do that anymore (because I don't have white shoelaces), but I suppose my children are going to have a horrible time washing their own shoelaces. I'd NEVER allow them to dip anything into the bottle of shoe whitener. It was just so wasteful! I'm sorry kids. You'll never have half the fun mummy had! Maybe if you asked Merryn nicely, she'd teach Ethan how to teach you to wash your shoelaces!

Don't even get me started on when I learned to tie my school tie. 

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