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By Elie - 4:01 PM

Two words to start off my post: LADIES COACH.

So as some frequent public transportation users would know, KTM has introduced the "Ladies coach" back in year 2010 as reported in The Star Online here. And if some people are still unaware of what a "ladies coach" is all about, there is actually a FAQ section on KTM Komuter's homepage stating everything that people would like to know about the certain coach. Then again, how often would someone jump on the homepage to read through things? Signs were then fully utilized in hopes that even if people were not going to visit their homepage, they would understand the use of the colors, lady signs and wordings plastered all over the coach.

Alas, here's what happened during my train ride home today.

Meet ignorant youngster and uncle oblivious.

Indeed, as soon as I boarded the coach with my mother, aunt and grandmother, we sounded these men as well as a few OTHER men that this was a coach meant ONLY for ladies. Various languages were used in order to get our message across such as English for the Sikh man, Bahasa Malaysia for the youngster above and Chinese for the uncle seated next to the youngster. Thankfully, the Sikh man and the youngster left, albeit with a look that appeared as though they wanted to kill us for kicking them off the coach. However, not everything went according to how it was supposed to be because...

Uncle oblivious never left!

If you do look properly at the glass BEHIND this very uncle, you would see a sticker that is looks exactly like this:

"Koc untuk wanita sahaja"

There was one in English but I was seated too far off to get a good picture of it. But maybe, just maybe, uncle may have had difficulty reading. Then again, he must have gotten the signage that says "no men" right? There's a huge line over the man and I'm quite sure he would have understood THAT, right? If you're going to argue that it looks like a seat belt...I'd suggest an eye check up. Sadly, he didn't leave until about the next few stations. In fact, he must have known how much we were all staring at him in disgust because if you look closer, you'd notice that in the picture of him and the youngster, he was staring right at my camera! The nerve of this uncle, really!

Of course, let's give every man the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they just didn't realize that it was a ladies coach. Then again, how would you miss THIS stamped on every glass panel of the door in the ladies coach though?

This reminds me a lot more of a ladies toilet sign than anything else.

I'm sorry to ask a question as such, but do men REALLY miss a signage like this? So maybe the next argument could be that they didn't see it as they boarded the train. So, how could you have missed it after the next station? You must have been in the train and staring at SOMETHING wouldn't you? Wouldn't you have noticed these two huge and pink ladies smacked on the glass panel? Do you enter the toilet with THESE signs or something otherwise?  In fact, there were signs in the station itself hanging from the ceiling and stickers by the floor that were in bright pink. Could you miss that too?  Prior to boarding the coach, we had already told off a young man trying to board the ladies coach. Thankfully, he walked off with a shy smile and told us that he had not noticed the difference. I'm not too sure how true that statement of his was, but let's just leave that at that.

Unfortunately, as much as I hope that something could be done, there has been NO rule to date that states that there are any penalties being implied. I truly have been searching high and low (this being pointed out in regards that any of my haters swing by and slander me to say I have not been doing my researches) but the only things I could find are merely SUGGESTIONS of what SHOULD be done and isn't quite an implemented rule just yet.

I do hope that a certain fine could be imposed on men who deliberately ignore these signs and I'm talking about men like uncle oblivious above. I mean, we've already pointed it out that it's a ladies coach and other men have all left in shame but uncle oblivious had such thick skin to just be nestled to his seat right until he thought he had enough of us jostling with our words that he was shamelessly sitting there. Or maybe that really was just his stop. I do realize that it was a bad thing that we kept bad mouthing him but what's the point of calling it a "ladies coach" if you can't even have the rights to kick off a man from where we have been granted safety? Whatever it is, I'm hoping that somehow in some way, KTMB comes across this post and realizes that printing out stickers and posting them all over a coach isn't going to stop ignorant men from entering a space meant only for ladies. Perhaps staffs could be present in the coach or just at the station in order to look into this matter. That way, the ladies coach would actually be put to good use as a WOMEN-ONLY coach and not just a pretty-in-pink train.

P/S: Just on a side note, maybe KTMB should get their trains regular check ups and fix their air conditioning system. Not only was it noisy during my ride but it was fairly warm too. I'm glad it was cloudy out today. I can't even imagine how the heat would have been in the train if it were sunny outside!

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