Do You Move On?

By Elie - 10:18 AM

According to the Chinese calendar, today is the day. According to my little calendar, it has long been this day. But I've always wondered, what do you do the day after? Or the month? Or the year? What about 2 years after? What do you actually say to those who has lost the ones they need most in their lives?

People all say time heals every hurt you have. Does it really? People always tell you to stay strong, there are others who need you. Was it wrong to cry and to let your guard down? Did that mean you weren't as strong as you thought you should have been? What can you expect in the memories that hounds you every single day? When every little thing reminds you of the lost, how do you react?

If someone walked up to you and asked if you're fine, do you say yes? Do you deny? With a hearty feeling I would like to you move on? I never did. Have you?

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  1. Good evening Elie, well I don't really have much to say but are you feeling okay at this very moment? I saw a post from you yesterday but it wasn't you. Or that's how I felt it was. Rather odd and unusual considering the amount of f-bombs that were dropped. As an avid reader of your blog I would like to know that you're doing fine and on a peaceful state of mind. Take a break. We may not know how you feel but we had our ups and downs and I had my unpleasant days too. Somehow it will get to you.

    Take care!

    1. Hey there Kim-ster! Thank you so much for your concern. Indeed I have been going through some rough patches in life but it's about time I bounced right back up.

      Whoopsies, you caught that one? I thought I deleted it IMMEDIATELY after posting it up? I had written it on the wrong blog! (I keep one for personal rants) I'm so sorry you had to read that! Rest assured, everything has been resolved. Thank you for not giving up on me and instead come back to give me words of encouragement. You are most kind.

      Cheerio, Kim-ster. Sorry again that you had to read my post full of F-bombs! Thank you for your continuous support and do come by often alright? :)


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