In Memory Of The Fallen

By Elie - 5:12 PM

In the year 2001, I was 9 years old. And on this day 11 years ago, all I remember was that I did not go home straight after school. We rushed over to my aunt's just because we didn't have Astro at home and news channels such as CNN and BBC were both covering a live report of a disaster that had happened. In fact, when I was 9, I had no idea what the commotion was all about and neither did I know the meaning of "trade" much less the World Trade Center.

And yet there it was on that old TV screen, clear as ever, the sight of two separate planes crashing into two towers standing tall; one after another. I remember staring at the screen as these towers crumbled into nothing but ash and debris as everyone seemed to run for their lives while the authorities scrambled for a rescue mission. Everything else, was a note left in history and a silent prayer untold. Today is the 11th of September 2012 and it is the 11th anniversary of the dreaded 9/11 attack. On this very day every single year, thousands of families are left brokenhearted, torn and incomplete. Many are traumatized and left to fend for their hounding memories while others; just as myself, look upon those who has sacrificed their lives to save the trapped or have simply fought for their lives to make it through.

While they say time heals, it is never true. For some, I believe the sounds of the falling towers will remain forever. The sight of what once was will always be as it was and the crisp memory of the lost will never be gone. To end, all I pray for is that this will never happen again regardless the country, regardless the race and regardless the era. To those who have lost their lives, may you all rest in peace. To the families who have lost their loved ones, may you find a will to carry on while you keep your memories strong. Finally, to the survivors of the cruel 9/11 attack, may you find solace from the trauma you feel and finally seek the strength to persevere.

God bless.

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