Lost & Growing

By Elie - 3:43 PM

Sometimes when you grow up, you find yourself lost in a sea of thoughts wondering where you would go. Was it the right thing to have done that you went left? Or did you think twice about going forward while you enjoy your life in a backward mode? My crazy sentiments aside, yes I have been having weeks of self recollection along with a full blown night of realization with an EXTREMELY close friend whose name remains undisclosed for privacy purposes. *Coughs*

But everything just made me think back of days where I was still hounded with naive thoughts that it were all to be okay. The truth is, no, the world isn't fair, life isn't easy and nothing comes free. If you wanted something, you would have to fight for it with every mean you can. If you longed for that one thing, then longing for it wouldn't be enough. You're supposed to reach out and grab your reality. If you've got a dream you want to achieve, scratch your wants and make it a need. Make it something you know you can't live without. And aim to strike it regardless what you have to do. Even if you have to murder someone. I kid. No, no killings necessary. That was really just for a dash of drama. *Cue the Bond song*

While I really wished that there was a short cut into our searches, there is none. And such is life. We fall, we break, we hurt, we bruise, we bleed only to find that it wasn't that big a deal after all. Contentment could have just been as simple as having MooCow with your other half. Of course, that's just me. Some other days, people are still seeking for their contentment. Or maybe some of them are simply looking for an opportunity to tell the truth.

On a totally unrelated note, I made a ball bounce in class last Thursday. Such pride.

I told you it was unrelated.

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