Resident Evil; Retribution in 3D "The Contest"

By Elie - 11:09 AM

Hello again! So I'm not much on winning contests because I almost never win ANYTHING but sometimes I just figured that it could be fun. So just the other day, I came across this competition held by Nuffnang to create a signature combat move against the undead if I were Alice. Details of the competition found here.

Of course, it seemed easy enough to think of what we had in mind if the undead were true. Everyone had their own thoughts, varying from farts to armpit stenches. (My personal favorites!) Eventually I took more time reading the comments than writing my own until that very moment that my mum shouted all the way from the kitchen to get me down for dinner. So it hit me. There it was. A killer move for all the dreaded undead. As the story of Resident Evil follows, all undead zombies HAVE been humans once. So here's to unveiling my very own combat move.

Everyone, meet the Mother Nagger. Just imagine, all you'd have to do is walk around with the most amazing looking portable speaker that has unlimited battery life sporting the loudest, clearest and most crisp sounds of...your mother nagging you. From shouts of "Walk up straight and don't slouch!" to "Don't you dare come in with that mud!" and the ultimate, "Are you going out looking like THAT?" the Mother Nagger is designed to be the epitome of annoyance as inspired by nagging mothers all around.

With adjustable scream pitches and guaranteed torture to the eardrums, it is all Alice is going to need for this round of Resident Evil...forever. Evil goes global? Gee, scratch that. NAGGING goes global is the next best thing around!

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