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By Elie - 6:28 PM

Guess what? Guess what? I've got something HUGE up my sleeves. Something which involves lots of fun, lots of education and lots of...me singing.

Hint: Think of something that goes along the line of being "The Longest Rap Video" and "Love, x, x, Magic" So come drop by IACT College's Gallery in Jaya One TOMORROW (27th September, Thursday) and join in the fun! Seriously, it's fun.

Watch out now! *Cue the suspense song*


So the suspense is finally OVER! Here's what this post has been all about!

That's right! The Durex; Rap Against STD awareness campaign swung by IACT College yesterday! Now, a blogger like myself would OBVIOUSLY be involved because it really is all for a good cause.

The "Rap Against STD" campaign was initially set up to inspire students all around to create and develop their very own rap video that carries the importance of STD prevention as well as to nurture much more creativity in Malaysian students for more home-grown artists to bloom. Of course, not forgetting the most important objective of all was that it really is to bring out the importance of STD education and prevention. All rap videos collected would be compiled into ONE and be used as an educational material for NGOs. So just imagine yourself turning up in this video and helping youths in these NGOs understand more about STDs. Isn't that great?

Just in case anyone has no idea what STD is, here's a simple brief for you. STDs actually stand for "Sexually Transmitted Diseases" so diseases such as AIDS / HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and genital herpes are in fact perfect examples of STDs. Sounds disgusting? Wait till you hear this. Did you know that chlamydia in men causes inflammation on the testicles, prostate and urethra? Guys, that means you'll be feeling a burning sensation when you urinate. Ouch! If you thought it only affects the dudes, well ladies you're wrong. Chlamydia also gives you the same burning sensation when you pee just as the guys feel PLUS a risk in being infertile. Simply put, no babies for you there.

Now that you're aware of what STDs are, why don't you take a trip to look at how you could GET it and how your could AVOID it. First of all, be aware that unprotected sex is the MAIN thing that leads to all these STDs getting transmitted all over. Trust your sexual education teacher when they say that condoms are important. They don't just avoid unwanted pregnancies, they are there to save you from all these dangers. Multiple sexual partners, drug abuse and serial monogamy are all ways in transmitting these diseases from one to another. Ultimately, you may want to know who you're getting involved with. If your partner already has STDs, well then it's very likely you may get it too. How do you avoid it? It's simple. Use a condom whenever you want to engage in an intercourse, do NOT be changing sexual partners especially if you don't know them, watch out on your alcohol intake because drunk people may be more prone to unsafe and sex with unknown strangers and if you're married; STAY LOYAL! Divorce and the decision on who gets to keep the dog isn't the only thing at stake when you decide to cheat on your loved one.

What Durex would like to do now is to bring together youths of Malaysia and create a shout-out in RAP style to make a stand for using condoms to help protect them from contracting STDs. Oh, and they're even aiming to make the longest collective rap video possible. No kidding, it's that cool! Okay, I know what you're going to say. "Why don't you do it then? Talk so much." Are you kidding? Me? I can't rap! BUT because it's for a good cause...here's what I have for you!

Yes, laugh. I think I did awesome. Plus, it's very simple to sign up and do your very own rap video!

Just sign up at the counter...

Brainstorm on what you would like to say, head over to the props counter and grab your props...

And record! Here's a tip if you're too afraid that you'll forget what you have to say...

You can always have your friend hold you a piece of paper! Talk about good partnership! After registering and recording your own rap video, you will even be walking away with a Durex goodie bag!

Contents include: Durex merchandises (coaster and booklet), Durex notepad, Durex playing cards and Dettol anti-bacterial wipes. So you're doing good and getting freebies! Now, if you're too shy to do it alone, you can ALWAYS get your friends to do it with you. Remember, the more the merrier! Don't worry if you can't rap, just be natural and SPEAK because Durex would get their own team to put in a beat for you. And if you don't have any lyrics, they have a set for you. Of course, it would be amazing if you could come up with your own ones but no pressure there...

If you've missed the IACT College roadshow, Durex will be at different colleges on other days too!
  • UCSI - 2nd October
  • Taylor's Lakeside Campus - 10th October
  • KTAR - 19th October
Or if you're too shy to do it in public, you can always record your video at home then send it over to the Durex team via the Durex Malaysia Facebook page application! Just click on "get started" and...GET STARTED! Or you can always e-mail them at durex.my@gmail.com !

Come on, team. Do a good cause, spread the awareness and enjoy life! It's not that difficult, it doesn't take a lot of time and it's definitely going down on history!

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  1. I dun wanna rap but I wanna sing Open Condom Style can ah?

    1. Hahahaha!!! Well, if you think that's the best way to spread the awareness of STD then why not??? MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THEN YOU TELL EVERY OTHER READER OF YOURS TO JOIN!!!

  2. STD AIDS can be healed very easily
    Colloidal silver is one of the ingredients

    and VACCINES, there is too much RISK from vaccination
    Vaccines are designed to cripple our immune system, under the disguise of offering protection


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