Crazy Students

By Elie - 5:32 PM

I am REALLY supposed to be doing either my piling assignments (I'm counting 3 as of now) or my stacking work (I'm counting 9 as of now) but instead of doing any of that, I am here in disbelief and rage. And WHY exactly am I risking all my sleep, energy and salary here? Well, here's why.


Now, again WHY would I post up just a simple photograph of a broken rear screen? No, I have not been robbed and neither have my friends or family been robbed (TOUCHWOOD, THANK YOU GOD FOR PROTECTING ALL OF US) but instead this is the picture that an ex-teacher of mine from high school has posted up. Thankfully, it was not her car. Apparently it is the car of a colleague of hers in a Cheras high school that they teach in now. Although the story behind the smashing of this rear screen is unclear to me, but I am shocked to the grounds to see that a TEACHER of a school can be threatened in such a way when they try to discipline hard to understand students!

These are your teachers. They are here to teach and to guide you through life; not be tormented by the horrors of your doings. They are here to educate and to make you into someone better; not to be your punching bag for what you get when you don't understand your life. Just because you have been punished, that does not mean you get to have your revenge. That does not mean it is right for you to unleash your rage at them. If they are patient enough to live through your rubbish, you should start having some brains to evaluate that you need to sit still and listen when they educate you.

I was never a good student, I must admit. I smuggled brought MP3s to school, cellphones were nothing new, poker cards used to be a must, I copied in my Moral and Economics examination, I ate in class, I slept in class, I shouted from one end to another in class and I did loads of things that drives teachers up the wall. But NEVER in the right mind of ANY student; should breaking the property of a fellow teacher be allowed. Ever. On behalf of my flabbergasted teacher, I wish that the student involved would be caught, be made to pay for the repairs and then be sent to the police for the breaking of personal property.

And here I was just crying over this amazing video made for teachers. This is the truth; whether we realize it or not. I do see it...just a little.

I've never forgotten my good teachers. Or even the bad ones. Because they were there; whether good or bad.

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