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By Elie - 6:01 PM

I initially wanted to post up an extremely good looking photograph of me to start up this post but I just thought of saving that for the last. So why the title tonight? Here's why.

Whoops! Wrong photograph! But yes, maybe you could just look at this. I'm sorry but I laughed really hard looking at the spoiler. Go ahead and fly, little one! Jokes aside, really now here's why.

I'm sorry about the picture quality. My dad drove REALLY fast. Life, when your father has no idea that whatever he said has given you a spark of inspiration to blog.

Not exactly how I expected to depict my story but I guess this will do. Now you may be wondering, why the sudden interest in cars and imperfect roads? You see, the all day long curious me decided to ask my dad yesterday (or was it the day before?) on why roads on the highways are so different from the ones around our house?

My dad got into this extensive explanation on how the tar on the road has to be dug out and space needed to be made for new tar to be placed onto the road, only to be squashed by the vehicle of death / the roller. Of course, then there was a gruesome comparison to the tooth filling work my brother recently went through. My father is disgusting. Getting back to the point, my father's final say was that people would have to dig out the rotten before patching things up.

That pretty much got me thinking. Isn't that how life seemingly is? You don't get to cover up a patch for too long until its replacement just comes right off. You can't just sew a piece of cloth over your ripped jeans and expect it to blend. It never works. And somehow, isn't that how you would expect things to be?

To solve a problem, you look for the root. You lay out your cards and you put out your decisions. You think of what's best and you weigh out the worst. But at the very end just as the hole has become big enough to heal, maybe then would you realize it is time to get back on track. It sounds silly, but that's just how things are to me. Lay it all out, put it in your mind, speak what you want and solve it together because hiding doesn't do you very good.

Potholes teaches us so many things sometimes. I guess it isn't just there to ruin our tires and shock absorbers.

And about my photograph...maybe not.

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