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Just as how I start any of my other posts, I shall say the same thing over and over again. Yes, I am really SUPPOSED to be writing my papers, gathering valuable information for my group presentation and essay as well as writing up a deal for Groupshare BUT I still ended up here.

Where I stay; just in case I ever have any readers from the States or something (Ahaha bear with my dreamy moments); it has been raining. Every single day. And if I don't stress that enough, I'll have you know that as soon as it hits 3PM, the sun goes away on a holiday, asks the dark clouds to take over and some smart aleck goes along and prods the cloud with a stick hoping that it will pour. And it does. EVERY SINGLE DAY. *Clears throat*

Today, of course isn't much different with the pouring rain and me being all slithered under a blanket and sleeping ...all excited to do my work. And trust me when I say this rain is annoying, because I absolutely despise the sound of it hitting my neighbor's zinc roofing while I take my shower. Of course, that's not the point but I never like it when it starts to thunder in my area either because it's pretty strong and I just cringe at the sound of it. Throw in the fact that my house electricity keeps going off whenever that happens and you'll understand why I absolutely hate it.

So earlier on as I was taking my shower, there the sky was; simply pouring to its heart's (if it has a heart...) content, flashing lightnings and sounding thunders as it enjoyed. And just as I had gotten shampoo on my hair, the lights went off. Now on a regular condition if the lights go off I would have freaked out and screamed my lungs out but funny enough I didn't do it tonight. For some reason all I could think of at that moment was, "Is this how blind people feel like?" It was literally pitch black in my very own washroom.

Okay, I shamelessly drew this on MS Paint but I swear it felt a little like this!

I remembered how a few days back when I was on my way to college I heard the DJs of the Chinese radio station; 988 talking about having an event in Midvalley Megamall (I'm sorry I can't find the link I am completely Chinese illiterate and their website is fully in Chinese!) which involved them watching a movie in GSC with the blind. It was an amazing thought; having to watch movies blindfolded and you having to put in twice as much effort in order to understand a movie just like the unfortunate have to. Now, because I am a little adamant about winning things off a radio station, I decided to have my OWN movie screening blindfolded.

And now, I am asking all my readers to give me a list of suggestions to a good movie to watch while I am blindfolded; preferably something non mainstream and strictly non-sexual, not gory and absolutely NOT of the horror genre. I am looking into getting a movie that I have yet to watch so that I would fully understand how it feels like to "listen" to a movie and use my imagination to make the movie complete. Got an idea? Give it to me, I'll watch it and give you a complete review of whatever I felt throughout!

Oh and by the wasn't the electricity that died tonight. My uncle just had no idea I was taking a shower and assumed the toilet was empty so he switched off the lights. Poof.

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  1. Hmm , have no BLIND FOLDED MOVIE TO SUGGEST , but A MOVIE that is based on a TRUE story , is

    Le scaphandre et le papillon (2007)

    I just finished watching ATONEMENT (2007)

    1. Hahaha...well I can't possibly watch "Le scaphandre et le papillon" blindfolded because it's a French film.

      Atonement sounds pretty interesting, I could consider it.
      Thanks Saiful.

  2. THE ENGLISH VERSION IS NOT available, but subtitles are there

    1. Because I will be watching the movie blindfolded, I will not be able to read any subtitles hence I cannot pick out any movies that are of any foreign language. An English comedy will be great, actually.

      This is to feel what a blind person may feel; as they only get to listen to the actors' and actresses' voice as well as the backgrounds to imagine a setting to the movie.

      Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. HMMM, YOU may wish to consider this ALBUM by SCORPION, BLACKOUT


    the first song is from BLACKOUT :-), BIG HIT in the 80's
    hope you like them

    1. Hey there. So sorry, I'm looking for movies not songs. :)


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