Dreamy Warnings

By Elie - 4:15 PM

First and foremost, I refuse to think about the amount of assignments and work I have to a point that I have finally gotten a backdated post which is STILL lying in my draft box. I swear, I will get to writing that...soon. But early this morning I've ranted on how badly I've wanted to write this whole post out and I've decided that everything else can wait while I talk about my dreams.

When I say dreams, some of you who has been reading my blog may be thinking, "There that crazy fool goes again, talking about how she wants to grow up to be a better person and a whole lot more of bull crap." If you thought that, then you're wrong. Okay, maybe I do want to grow up and be a better person but this time around I'm talking about a full on dream. The ones you get when you sleep at night or even when you are napping. When your soul supposedly leaves your body and wanders around so much that your mind just goes haywire. Well, my take is that my mind has long been gone.

You see, about a week ago I decided that I will no longer sleep on the right side of my bed and thus I've thrown my pillow and soft toys over the end of my bed. Go on and imagine yourself, I can't draw to save my life but you should just about get it. I've forgotten where I once read that when you sleep at the end of your bed, you tend to get more nightmares. And this is where my story starts. Ha! (I'm feeling particularly old at this point, where I'm just nothing but long winded.)

There's 2 dreams that I've got and I'll summarize to be as short as possible. Just before you fall asleep. The first one, amazingly, is set in a parking lot. Then again, they were both set in parking lots; but never mind that. You see, nowadays I've been getting the family car a lot; although I'm really not sure if my father is completely fine with it. Thing is, I have been getting so many activities that somehow this whole driving out thing doesn't sound half as fun as it used to be. Sidetrack alert. In my dreams, I was in a parking lot and somehow I was rummaging through my bag for my car keys as soon as I reached my car. This was odd because I NEVER rummage through my keys in the parking lot. I always have my keys in hand BEFORE I even leave the premise I am in. So while I was busy in my treasure key hunt, a man turned up out of no where and he placed a towel laced with chloroform to kidnap me. And then the dream ends up with me being dead in the sea. By then I was already awake and I felt as though I had just ran a marathon. Or at least that my heart was going to jump out.

Fast forward a little, with me falling back asleep after a huge gulp of water. The second dream, funny enough involved both my parents AND my brother. Which wouldn't have been that bad, right? I mean, it's a family dream. And family dreams meant that it was child safe. Wrong. We were actually having lunch in an odd little coffee shop where by we could see our car being parked right in front of a dark alley. Yes, I have just weird dreams with subtle details. Seated just beside our table was a foreigner whose face resembles that of the one I saw in the LRT on Monday (Who had a shameless boner, so sue me that it was sickening. Plus he was staring at me. Cue the discomfort zone.) and my father; or at least the one in my dream; told my mother and I to be very careful with this suspicious being. After a while, we noticed how this man walks away from his table and into that dark alley just in front of our car. And that was exactly when my dreamy father said that we had to go, so we all headed for the car...in front of that alley. Now, stupid enough the dream ends up in the exact same way; me being drugged by a chloroform towel and then I'd end up dead in the sea. And then I wake up. This time, I wake in rage for my disturbed sleep TWICE in a single morning.

Don't ask me how I remember all these details...I have shamelessly written down everything on my phone just as it happened because I knew really well I just HAD to come along and rant right here. Okay, now that you've read all about my crazy dreams, I thought about how I should play a little part in society ESPECIALLY in the safety of women, in light of all the terrible rise in crime rates. Yes, I do have SOME things to contribute to the society, I'm not all talk and a rubbish to the world. I may be tiny and insignificant but sometimes it doesn't hurt to try.

Click for a closer look. I'm no a professional in this warning thing.

Yes, I tried. While I am no genius at creating a warning sign but I feel as though I have put in my share of attempt in telling ladies all around to be vigilant and careful. I'm hoping all the ladies around already know that they really SHOULD take care of themselves regardless wherever they are. I do NOT ever trust our local authorities in keeping our nation safe and at peace. I'm so sorry for saying this, but there's just too much for me to ever see that the authorities can actually do something about our rising crime rate. It's going up, regardless what they say. We all know it and maybe it's time for THEM to finally wake up and stop dreaming. Pretty please?
All this from a sleepless morning? No wonder my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. Oh and tonight, maybe I'll just sleep on the right side of the bed again and see if the nightmares return. If they do, I will demand for a new mattress. Or for a dreamcatcher. I LOVE MY SLEEP, OKAY?!

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