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By Elie - 10:51 AM

Warning: This post has been on a back log and I've had the notes to this on my phone since a few days back (My messages tells me that I thought of this on the 19th of October) but now I have finally decided to come around and write a proper post to this. The laziness in me is unbelievable. And internship is supposedly in the beginning of 2013...if the world does not end but I am totally clueless as to where I want to go. Maybe Nuffnang; if they would ever want a bum like myself.

Now, back log post begins. Where did this post really come from? That's pretty simple. The radio. Yes, again. I spend most of the time in my car so the radio really does give me a lot of ideas and what happens is that my father doesn't quite enjoy FlyFM the same way I do, except when they are playing the Krappi Call. Otherwise, it's really just the good ol' LightFM for him. That's 105.7 if anyone is wondering. But trust me, it's all old school right there.  I'm talking Carpenters and stuff.

So while my dad was sending me out, the radio announcers (I'm presuming their names are Zack and Sarah, I'm not sure I never really pay attention to LightFM, sorry) were discussing about whether or not it was a necessity to actually say "I Love You" to the people who matter to you on a daily basis or just whenever you felt like it. And obviously; if you would have already known me well enough, you would know that I have quite a trigger happy mind in things like these.

A few people called in saying that it wasn't a necessity and that it was a hassle and another said that it didn't matter as long as you show your love. Technically, they were right. I really liked the examples that one of the callers gave, saying that you had to SHOW love, not speak it. "So if this guy is a horrible father, he never provides his family food and shelter but he says I love you on a daily basis, that makes him a good guy all over again?" The answer is, no. It just makes the guy a jerk. Or a useless person. Or that he just needs a good spanking.

Eventually I sent a text my boyfriend, not thinking if he was even awake (it was 8.30 AM on a day that he does not have morning classes, I feel like such a horrible person.) and asked if it actually mattered. True enough, he replied me with a yes and then presumably went straight back to sleep because I never got another reply until about 12 noon. It was funny because when I checked all the messages I've sent him, I would always end the last message I would send to him for a while with an, "I love you" as a closure text. Of course, the next thing I did was check the messages I've sent to my parents or my brother. Luckily, I've noticed how I always top off my messages to my parents with an, "I love you" but I doubt I've ever found any to my brother that way. I always tell him he's annoying. Sibling rivalries, really.

The only questions left in my own head after that was if it were really important to say I love you on a daily basis. Sometimes, did we mean what we say? Or do we simply mutter it to get out of trouble? Do we ever say it too late? Or do you ever say it to feel less guilty? When you hear it from your loved one, do you feel blessed or just a little less angry in some occasions? Do you question the genuine meaning to it? It was mind boggling and to be honest I didn't fall asleep in the car that morning just because of this. I am a pig, admittedly.

Right till this moment, I have yet to find my answers. All that I know is that whenever I say it out to my friends and family, I mean them. I love them for their acceptance to my attitude and for their guidance in every way. I love them for being there for me and for caring whenever I am down. I love them for loving me back and I love them for being in my life. It feels a lot more than just a gratitude yet less of an exaggerated blessing. Like a simple thank you, but with a lot more heartfelt feelings. And last but not least, as a word, just before it's too late. Because sometimes in life, you don't ever get second chances.

To all my readers; whoever you may be, thank you for all your continuous support. Elie Says may not be huge but you still come around to read of my rubbish rants over and over. For all that, I love you. This is my little gratitude, dedicated to each and everyone of you.

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    Saying & Showing how much you Love someone, parents , children etc is SO IMPORTANT

    I Call my parents almost daily, some times it bothers them (wrong timing because they are asleep)

    And visit them once or twice a week
    Kiss their Hands & their Forehead & Hug them & say "SAYAAAAAAANG SANGAT", every time before leaving their house.

    As you correctly put it Elie, if you love them , show it, say it ... :-)


    1. Hahaha, well I would text my parents or boyfriend at the most weird of timings to tell them that I love them only to get a reply that goes, "Yes. What do you want?"

      However, I agree with what you have said. If you love someone, show it and say it. I appreciate you coming over once in a while to catch up on my posts. It's always such a pleasure to come back and see your comments, Saiful. :)


  2. HA HA HA, this is so hilarious
    It reminds me of those cuddly cats , and they will snuggle up to you , with their meows , and it is a message that they want food !

    or in the movies where the partner will say sweet things , followed by "could you pick up the Laundry or Pizza on your way back , please :-)

    Good one Elie ! REALLY, this is funny


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