Fat Spoon's Trip Down Memory Lane

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Here's a backdated post that I should have done 4 days ago (22nd November 2012) but unfortunately I ran off to Pulau Pangkor with the people I love most over the weekend. And no, I couldn't do it when I got home from the event because I was so sick, it was unbelievable that I was still alive the day after. But I'm glad I am. Look out for my Pulau Pangkor post later on, alright?

Anyway, a while back I wrote about my class having to do an event for Aria Italian in Damansara Heights in line with our "Publicity and Media Relations" class along with ranting on how I should have done better if I were given another chance. Thankfully, I was. It's not everyday you get second chances in life so bless my soul that I did. This time, we got to go to Fat Spoon Cafe in Damansara Uptown and held something that we called a "Media Night" with the theme of "A Trip Down Memory Lane".

You can first read about reviews of what happened that night on a few bloggers' sanctuary before you dive into how I felt throughout.

And a few more places...as soon as I find their links. Again, look out for edits! I'll remind everyone when the edits come in, I promise. On a side note, I finally got to meet Xiang from XIANGCOOL.COM but as per usual, I got too shy to tell him that I secretly have this fan girl moment of reading his blog; not to mention that I had this flu that I was afraid to spread to anyone. (Do you see how good a girl I am?!)

Initially on the day of the media night, I had this urge to skip the event because I of a fever that just never seemed to go away and a nose that had its own marathon. Even Sophira noted that it was fine if I wanted to let it go because of whatever virus was silently killing me but there was simply something ELSE in me that I had to satisfy; probably a feeling of being responsible enough to finish what everyone started together. It didn't feel very fair to not turn up so I did anyway.

Admittedly, this was my very first time in Fat Spoon Cafe; although a few of my friends have actually been there for the first "Food Tasting" event that we had in the early days of November. Read about what some other blogs had to say about it from the links below:

When I stepped in, the first thing I noticed was that I needed to be drugged and whisked off to bed very badly the cafe had a home-y feel. Hidden just right next to Hon Kee Porridge, you wouldn't have expected so much from the place. But you'll be surprised as soon as you step in when the time machine turns and you get taken back into an era that you probably have been through or your parents have been through and you've heard lots of stories about.

Fat Spoon's cute little signboard...with a spoon for its "P"

Teeny, tiny entrance. Just like those homes you get in little "kampung" areas!

With a spoon for the handle, if you look closely on the left...

A friendly welcome sign to make you feel right at home.

An old school photograph placed in the most uncanny place ever...

All that just from an entrance already told me that this was going to be an amazing night, whether or not I was ill. Topping it all up with vintage deco and creative designs somehow only made Fat Spoon Cafe a lot more special because I got to capture...

Their little Instax wall for customers who want to leave a memory behind. One day, I'll leave an Instax behind here too. One fine day...

Pots, pans and little utensils hanging above a table; just like in old times...

The cutest little book rack for old time story books.

Old Ladybird Classics. Wonder why they had it there.

But wait...you didn't really think that Fat Spoon had put up Ladybird Classics to use as decorations did you? I couldn't believe it either...but this is what it really is!

It's Fat Spoon Cafe's menu!

From what I've heard, they used to have Peter and Jane books but I'm assuming they have re-done them because these new recycled Ladybird Classics really did bring back some memories. Creativity point up, don't you think?

We had the media come in a little after 7 PM and they were served with a special menu that the owners of Fat Spoon Cafe; Melissa and Michelle Pong had put together prior to the special night. Here's what the bloggers and media got to eat on our special Trip Down Memory Lane.

The media night menu scribbled on a blackboard for an extra vintage feel.

Medium-boiled Egg in Assam Jawa.

Mini Moo Moo Burgers.

Beefy goodness. This was a portion made specially for the media night. Rest assured, the original Moo Moo Burger that Fat Spoon Cafe serves is much bigger and is much more worthy.

Tamarind Prawn Sticks.

Ulam Fried Rice Box. I love how this was packaged in a box that looked a lot like a take-out box instead of an ordinary box. Too cute.

Dry Spicy Beef Macaroni.

Banana Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream.

S'mores Pops. This was the only thing I was lucky enough to have because Ning was kind enough to share with me a bite and that itself had me contented because it was heavenly!

Sadly enough, no I didn't get to try anything off the media night menu because...well I wasn't a media for the night. I was a part of my class and we were representing our "company" under a name that we created for ourselves. I did however, order something to eat because I really needed fuel before taking my medicine and I opted for something off Fat Spoon Cafe's brand new menu; Tamarind Prawn Anger Hair Pasta (RM 16.90).

A generous portion of prawns in a special tamarind sauce. Extremely delicious!

Apparently, the prawns I had were the same ones that were served for the Tamarind Prawn Sticks so I'm guessing that puts it as that I've had TWO things off the media night menu. I loved how the Tamarind Prawn Angel Hair Pasta tasted; tangy and sweet both at the same time. Presumably, it's my lack of taste buds that really killed my day; making me eat a lot less during the day but I finished up my pasta in no time. A must-try for everyone who goes to Fat Spoon Cafe.

Other highlights includes little knick knacks that the whole close has put together for the special media who arrived that night.

We gave the media "Pick Up Sticks" to play with. Does anyone remember these? Additionally, we had Old Maid cards,  "congkak" and "batu seremban" to boot and hopefully, everyone had a taste of their childhood once again.

Press kits and goodie bags for everyone! Inside that brown paper bag were sweet treats like Ding Dang, Tora and Nyam Nyam along with a whole bunch of funny little things you would have died just to have when you were a child. Well, everything is in a bag now.

We even picked out a "Best Dressed Winner" for the night...which turned out to be Queennie from Queenniewei.com

And here are two special bonus pictures for everyone to marvel at...because I felt bad for not having any human photos in here...

Senri Ning and I. Pretty little blogger; she is. Everybody ignore my eye bags!

The media of the night. Thank you all for coming, for gracing us with your presence and for making "Trip Down Memory Lane" such a success.

Overall, I would say that we have all done much better than we had done as opposed to our first time over at Aria and it was a lot more challenging; but a lot more satisfying. Although I probably didn't do that great a job this time either; recycling my regular routine of, "Hi I'm Elie" to most of the guests but I'm really hoping that my internship period would help me get out of that. Maybe I'd start going, "Hello I'm Elie from Netccentric." 
I; for one had loads of fun that night, looking at all these people eat and take pictures with their big cameras and flashy flashes along with a lot of professional angles while I...walked around with the camera I borrowed from Scott fitted with Kay Yen's SD card. Cue the okay meme right here for me, please. So yeah...that's my share of an event coverage from the eyes of an "organizer" or just somewhat of it. I'm glad all of this organizing work is over though...because now it's just down to a lot of reading, memorizing and understanding of theories. Or not.

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