Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty

By Elie - 8:57 AM

Yes! I'm finally done with all my assignments and I am free! (In denial for my stacking notes to study for my exams.)

But now that everything is in place, I am all good to do whatever I want! So here's something that I will first be doing!

Ning invited me for something BIG this Saturday!

That's right, people! Read it and read it right that I am going off for Samsung's special Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition BFF Smartphone launch! And in addition to that I get to watch Rise of the Guardian with her! 

If you want to get your own tickets to go off for this launch, click right here and grab tickets. It's limited right now so I'm sorry if you don't get your share of the amazing firsthand look at this phone!

Isn't it cute? For someone who doesn't like pink stuff / the cat without a mouth and a ribbon on its ear (ahem), this is actually really cute!
Picture credits to: IntoMobile

Oh and if anyone is wondering what I'm doing's something huge too! *Coughs* Appstar Finale *Coughs* That's a hint for you, you and you!

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