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Remember when I posted this yesterday? Well, I left a hint for everyone didn't I? Well then, here's the deal. On Wednesday, while my team and I were rushing for our lives to finish up our Multimedia assignment, I had gotten an e-mail from the Nuffnang team, inviting me for the Samsung Appstar 2012 Finale in The Bee, Publika on the very next day. Luckily for me, while I ignored the e-mail notification on my phone for the first hour, I had an intuition to check on my e-mail just before 4pm (where the form closes and we can no longer register to attend the event) and I immediately called up *ahem* boyfriend of the year to see if he would like to give me a ride home. Of course, these are just some days where he was being extremely nice (I owe him MooCow after this) and said yes. So yes! I got to go for the event!

And on a last minute basis, I got to know that Scott and Ning got special invites too so the three of us just went...sort of together I suppose. Here's a recap of what Ning has to say about the event. Now, what exactly is the Samsung Appstar 2012 and why is the Grand Finale so special?

(Information peeled off the press release)

With the theme of "You have an idea, it's time to be an Appstar", this program is actually a reality challenge for Malaysian college and university students to express their most in-demand application ideas. These proposed app idea cover a variety of genres such as games, social networking and online purchasing which are all relevant to the contemporary Malaysian lifestyle.

This 5-month long campaign received over 3,500 submissions from over 40 universities and colleges in Malaysia, with a panel of judges shortlisting 12 finalists for last night's AppStar 2012 Finale. Among the contenders, proposed app ideas encompass car lock notifications, location-based reminders and a security app that protects women against crime.

After submitting their entries, participants presented their ideas to a panel of judges for the initial shortlisting process and the 12 shortlisted groups were then sent to a Samsung bootcamp, where they learned vital skills in presenting and marketing ideas from industry experts, gearing them for the ultimate finale, where they will present their polished idea to a panel of judges.

The winning group was rewarded a cash scholarship of up to RM 24,000 and three units of Samsung's flagship smartphone; the Samsung Galaxy S III. The first runner-up saw themselves bagging RM 12,000 worth of cash scholarships and three units of Samsung Galaxy S III while the second runner-up walked away with RM 6,000 in cash scholarships and three units of Galaxy S III. Every shortlisted candidate also walked away with a certificate of participation and a unit of Samsung HM1800 Bluetooth each.

 Samsung Appstar 2012

Great turnout for the night

Spotted this really pretty girl sitting across me. I later on found out her name is Melody and she is from team GYNOID
[EDIT] Whoopsies! It turns out I have made a HUGE blunder right here! Melody of team GYNOID has just replied me on the comment box below stating that this girl is called Hooi Lean and not Melody. So sorry about the mix up! ><

Emcee of the night; Choo Mei Sze

 An opening act by No Noise Percussion

Mr. Colin of Samsung Malaysia Electronics

The panel of judges; including the all beautiful Sazzy Falak

The screening of a recap video throughout the 5-month Appstar campaign

The Gangnam team of Asia Pacific University presenting their application dubbed as Ocean Box; an application that customizes grids with multiple pictures, locations or videos of their choice into a single, beautiful masterpiece in social media sharing

A close knitted team BROS of Asia Pacific University presenting the commercial of their Payment Reminder app. It is simply put as an all in one bill payment reminder and more. Even tells you which child costs you more over a year. (I am secretly hoping this does NOT go into development because then my father would realize he is spending a LOT on me and less on my brother FML)

Following Group A's presentation which consisted of 4 teams, a special guest performance was held and it was none other than...

Sue and Her Boys; The 2nd Chapter right on stage. Remember to show some love and hit the LIKE button on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter right here!

Suhana and Daniel doing a mash up together

The band blowing the audience away

I suppose that is also why Mr. Boyfriend of The Year didn't mind having to send me home from Publika... He's just a good boyfriend. :)

Two other groups of the remaining 8 shortlisted teams continued on with their presentation with an interval midway with another performance by Su all throughout until approximately 9 PM where No Noise Percussion once again took the stage while all the judges' comments and grades were tabulated for the very last time. Here's a picture of something great that both Ning and I realized midway...

Mr. Colin spotted with a Samsung Galaxy Camera! 
Read about the launch that Scott had covered right here; being one of the Top 15 Pilot Mobilers Test Writers! If you miss out on his review, you'd definitely be regretting it!

After a heart pumping, feet thumping and jolly hand clapping session with No Noise Percussion, it was finally time for the results to be announced where Choo Mei Sze took the stage once again. To kick off the awards ceremony, the leader of each team was first presented with certificates of recognition and a Samsung Bluetooth for every team member, followed by the awarding of the "Facebook Favorites" team.

The leader of Apps Thinkers from Inti International University Penang receiving his share of recognition from Mr. Colin. Apps Thinkers came up with the Car Lock Notification whereby the application is said to notify and remind users who tend to forget to lock their car give their vehicle a second glance before leaving the carpark. I'd LOVE it if this application came to life. Three guesses why...

The leader of team Fesyara receiving the certificates and Bluetooth units on behalf of her team. The application; Drug Expert is a game that allows users to play the role of being real pharmacists and be exposed to medications and curing of patients. Nothing less to expect from Asia Metropolitan University, yes? Ning secretly told me she would actually download this application just to see what sort of drug she can make and kill patients. Hehehe...I would too actually...I mean...HOW EVIL!

Leader of Apps Creators 2020 from UniTen (University Tenaga Malaysia) getting his share of goodies too! They have come up with the E-Train; an application that provides public transport schedules and route maps along with allowing online purchases for tickets. Now if only they could ensure that these public transports will actually COME on time...I would buy it too!

Judges were not forgotten when they were presented with a unit of Samsung Note 2 each! Just imagine! A Samsung Note 2! I wish I were a judge now...

All smiles from the representative of MYC Magazine as he receives a Samsung Note 2!

The application; Queue-less as innovated by Practical Innovation of University Malaya bagged away RM 2,000 in cash scholarship, certificates of recognition and a medal. The application is designed to help you spend less time queuing and more time being productive. I think banks need to look into this application VERY seriously.

Following that, the most lip-biting moment arrived. Three teams were invited on stage and they were none other than...

GYNOID, Apps Creators 2020 and Gangnam Team awaiting the results

In the place of second runner-up, there was Apps Creators 2020 with the application E-Train! Congratulations for walking off with RM 6,000 in cash scholarships, a medal, certificates of recognition and a Samsung Galaxy S III each!

Choo Mei Sze bringing up the hype as the two remaining teams await to see who will be the 1st prize winner of Samsung Appstar 2012...

The joy in the faces of team GYNOID as Choo Mei Sze announces that they have officially won the Samsung Appstar 2012 campaign with their application; GYNOID, which provides a immediate recording of the surroundings space when they are in danger and sends a video alert to loved ones! It is true though, that everyone would need this whether male or female; especially in the society today!

Congratulations, Team GYNOID for winning a whopping RM 24,000 in cash scholarships, a medal, certificates of recognition and a unit of the Samsung Galaxy S III each! Very well done!

Team Gangnam posing with their RM 12,000 of cash scholarship, medal, certificates of recognition and their share of the Samsung Galaxy S III each. Ocean Box has proved to be a very well done application!

Group picture of the top 3 winners and the Facebook Favorites along with the judges and emcee of the night.

And that pretty much wrapped up the 5-month long Samsung Appstar 2012 campaign! While the other 9 teams did not win, they have definitely walked off with a wonderful experience that they wouldn't ever forget. Oh and a highlight to my night?

I took a picture with Choo Mei Sze. She's so pretty...and tall while I' Thank you, Ning for helping me take a picture!

Tomorrow is another day with Samsung. I can't wait! If you're dropping by Pavilion tomorrow, remember to holla me!

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  1. Hi, I'm Melody from team GYNOID. Nice Article about Samsung App Star !! Thanks!I found that you mentioned the "really pretty girl" in the photo, actually is not me , is my friend 'Hooi Lean' in the same team. I'm the one standing in middle of the GYNOID photo above.hahahaha.. By the way, good article, please continue to write more good post, supporting always !

    1. Ooo whoopsies! So sorry about the error. I'll change it right away. Do let your friend, Hooi Lean know about the post! She is indeed very pretty! :)

      Congratulations on winning the Samsung Appstar 2012 again!

  2. Haha..Nice to meet you..My name is Hooi Lean, many people usually make confuse between me and Melody..Thank you for the very good article.. =)

    Thank you very much...^^

    1. Whoopsies my bad! Hehehe so sorry. I only got a quick glance at the name tags you had on your shirts and I couldn't quite remember them but Melody's name because I have a friend called Melody as well.

      Thanks for the visit and your kind comment. The application you girls invented was indeed a very good one. Keep it up!

  3. I like Apps from Gynoid. Happy to know they annouced as winner. :-)


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