Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition BFF Launch Party

By Elie - 4:54 PM

Does anyone still remember about me posting THIS up a few days back? I am still overly ecstatic and fairly tired over today but all is not done until I share about how it felt being at the launch so let's kick start whatever I've had! My plan to get off bed at 10 AM...has obviously failed and I ended up scraping myself off bed at around 11.30 AM instead. Noticing that I'd be running majorly late, I simply rushed to the shower and ignored everything else about looking good after that; settling for a white top and black shorts to be paired with my good old Converses. I totally do not fit the theme of the day...

When I got to Pavilion, the first thing I did was call up Ning and she told me to get to GSC Pavilion because that was where all the action was and I was greeted with Ning and her very nice friend; who is now my new friend; Isabel Lee. We were later on joined by Cindy Tong and her BFF and I didn't feel that bad that I didn't dress up exactly to the theme when I saw them but thanks, Ning, for reminding me about my pair of wedges...because I felt so awkward wearing my Converses. Meh, next time then.

After collecting our passes and press kits (none for me because I was not there as an official blogger, boohoo!) we were ushered to the mingling area of Hall 2 and 3 of GSC Pavilion only to realize that the whole place had been transformed into an amazingly pink place with lots of pink balloons, pink make-up stations and little tables for nail painting and airbrush tattooing along with display units of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty! Being bloggers (albeit unofficial for me) we started doing what we did best. TAKE PICTURES.

A super cute model holding a test unit of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty over the pink back drop. I took a picture here...but the picture is with Ning. Meow.

Photograph nicked from my own Instagram. Lol. Yes, the first thing I did was Instagram this super cute phone! Partially because I wanted to show the Samsung people that I was using an S3 (I have no idea what I was trying to do with that thought) and partially...because I can!

An up close of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty's application menu. EVERYTHING IS SO HELLO KITTY ORIENTED!!!

For more information of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty phone, please visit the Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook page right here.

Sticking near Ning (because I was so shy and I didn't know anybody) and Isabel, we started to talk about whether or not we would manage to see Audrey Ooi of and Cheesie of because they had mentioned in their respective blogs that they would turn up. Before long, we turned our heads and saw them both sitting in front of the pink make-up booth with Cheesie getting her hair done! *Fan girl moment* Eventually, I did bite at my cheeks and walk up to ask for a picture...which they so kindly obliged. *EXTRA fan girl moment!*

Audrey, myself and Cheesie!

I'm still extremely starstruck...especially at the thought of having spoken to them even if it was just to ask if I could take a picture with the two of them together. Ha! I will die if Audrey turns up at the Nuffnang office when I'm doing my internship. *EXTRA EXTRA fan girl moment* My next aim would be to meet Xiaxue and QiuQiu now. 

Of course, after we have taken photos together, we began to simply stand around to mingle and take MORE pictures of everything around us...

Like super cute cupcakes with pink icings...

Or fluffy heart shaped marshmallows...

OR a Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty cupcake...

A fashion model getting herself a make up session...

And another model with the test units of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty

Bloggers and members of the media getting their face painted...

Or an option of getting airbrush tattoos...

After a while of mingling, who better than Jojo Struys to have taken the stage as an emcee to invite up Mr. Vincent Chong, the head of Mobile Division, Samsung Mobile Malaysia to give a few words. Funny man, really...

Jojo Struys on stage. Ning commented that she liked the dress she was wearing. To be honest, I liked it too. I looked so flowy and comfortable...

Mr. Vincent Chong. His confession of the day: This is his very first pink shirt.

Got a picture with Jojo Struys too! She's such a nice person up close. I always hear her on PSAs on the radio but this is indeed the first time I've met her face to face.

Eventually, we found a lot more time in our hands than we thought so Ning and I decided to pick up do some stuff instead of just standing around photobombing people. And what have we decided to do? Well...we got our hair done!

This is my hair from the back. I'm shocked that they could make something out of my short hair but the super talented guy (if you could see him blurred out at the back...) managed to do so much for me. And I got that ribbon for free. Keeping it for future uses now...

Ning getting her hair done by the same guy. Poor dude, he had to plaid our hairs while standing up and I could see that he was really tired what with every girl going up to him asking for their hair to be done...

When we were done with our hair, we decided to get our nails done and it was in such a hot pink color that we were not quite used to it. Rubbed it off when I got home. Sorry, my "manicurist"! It was around then when Jojo Struys announced that Audrey and Cheesie had picked out the 10 finalists of the "Best Dressed" of the day. Shockingly, there were to be only 5 winners and they would be walking away with 2 units of Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty each; one for themselves and one for the BFF they have come with. Samsung, y u so generous?!

All these lucky winners and their new Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty phones... *sniffs* Oh, here's a picture I secretly took while we waited for the results...

Audrey and Cheesie sharing a BFF moment. So cute!

When the winners were announced, everyone immediately just flogged the front line and I was pretty glad Ning and I stood in front of the stage BEFORE they even announced the winners...hence the pictures you got to see above. After that, Samsung even lined up a simply fashion show to hype up the crowd. And I swear to you these models are MAD tall. Like SERIOUSLY mad tall! Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to get a good spot to take pictures so here's whatever I got.

The same model I saw at the make-up booth before the event officially started. Check out the dress! Look at her long legs! And her...okay never mind... *stares*

A simple line up of the models who had done the cat walk!

A super cute Hello Kitty I managed to capture from one of the models. I'm no BIG fan of Hello Kitty but you have to admit, this is actually very cute!

The ending of the catwalk also marked the ending of the event; but not for some who were lucky enough to be treated with a movie from Samsung. A post on that after this one, alright? I was lucky enough to have been in today's Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition BFF Launch Party and I have Ning to thank for that. Thank you so much, my dear friend for considering me when you had to decide among all your friends to bring for the day! I had not only the most amazing day at a launch party but also heaps of fun and a huge load of experience to go home with.

Ning and I just before the movies; while waiting to get me an airbrush tattoo!

Coming home, I dug into the cute little pink Samsung goodie bag and this was what I've gotten inside:

Took this super cute popcorn box home. Like seriously, WHO SERVES POPCORN IN SUCH A CUTE BOX?!

The back of the box. Or is it the front? Who knows?

A little notebook. It's pink...but it's cute!

A super cute Hello Kitty mask. I was just complaining about how my face badly needed a mask and my prayers gets answered. So yes, thank you, God!

I like how there's even instructions on how to use the mask. And how the Hello Kitty "before" looks so haggard. So funny!

Studs to bling your stuff. I wonder if they would stick on my nails...

The most adorable bottle of Sticky candies I've ever seen. THE.MOST.ADORABLE.BOTTLE.

And there's a Hello Kitty design on every Sticky. Yay!

Shiny little nail deco. I'm not sure how to use this but it's very pretty and I like it a lot.

Mini stick of Mentos. I've already finished it. Hehehe...

My entrance band. It's cute and I'm keeping it for keepsakes!

So yes! That's just about how much of fun and amazing times I've had for my whole Saturday to kick start my 1st of December 2012. And just before I leave, here's a camwhore photo of me when I got home and removed my hairdo to reveal a sort of curly and frizzy hair along with the airbrush tattoo I've gotten...

Vanity level: YOU WILL NEVER WIN ME. See how curly my hair has become after leaving my hair plaid all day? And the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty airbrush tattoo armband actually makes me look like I'm their brand ambassador or something. Ha! I wish!

Watch out for tomorrow's post because there's something REALLY magical that I am dying to talk about...after I have a good night's sleep. Bye for now!

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