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Hiatus for 2 weeks my butt. Okay seriously I did try to go on a hiatus alright? You don't know how badly I have been wanting to come and flaunt all the things I have been doing despite being in the whole "exam = war" mode. Who am I kidding, I've been sitting at home eating Mars Bars everyday getting fat and watching Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles everyday. You never saw that.

Anyway in case nobody knows, I have been trying to sell off my books from my BBW haul from last year but in the end nobody bought from me so I gave off half of my stash to my dear friend Karen and the others I just gave away to the Tzu Chi Foundation people who comes on the 3rd Sunday of every month near my house to collect all the stuff that people don't want like clothes or books or even televisions and stuff. Because some people are just so damn rich to change their TVs like once a month or something. I usually donate away my clothes once every 2 years. Don't get me wrong, I will throw away any clothes that have holes or have weird stains okay? Only the good looking ones but just won't fit me or that I just wouldn't wear anymore would go to the donate pile at home.

And this year; just like the last; I've been working hard in getting preview passes to go for the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. To do that, I had to wake up early in the morning on a Saturday and answer their QuickFire quiz on their Big Bad Wolf blog. Can anyone please imagine the torture? But it was worth it in the end.

Stole the picture from my own Instagram. Don't get me wrong, not all are mine. I helped my lecturer and mother to collect theirs. Waking up at 9am on a Saturday morning: So worth it.

Unfortunately, that was the only day I got to go for the sale because it's all the way in The Mines Convention Center and nobody will fetch me there. I give credits to my boyfriend for sending me on the preview day although we went super late because I had a paper (CURSE MY BAD LUCK) and he had a presentation which ended ever later than it was supposed to for some reason. *Cough* Stupid R person. *cough*

When I first got into the hall, I could have fainted (Or rather my boyfriend nearly did because he complained that his eyes got fuzzy for a bit when he stepped in. Sucker.) because it was HUGE. I'm not sure if it were bigger than last year's sale but it was definitely worth the trip.

 Clearly labeled sections to make browsing a lot easier. And I really liked the shirts that the staffs were wearing. They had this cute caption behind that said, "Need assistance, citizens?" So cute!




Then again, I didn't really spend a lot of money this year at the sale. I'm not sure if it's just that I couldn't find anything that I REALLY liked or that I just had to keep thinking about saving up for my internship period. Sorry I'm Chinese like that. I actually want to have savings every month.

My haul this year. I took whatever they had of Diane Chamberlain because it is apparently close to Jodi Picoult. I couldn't find the Jodi Picoult book I REALLY wanted so this will just have to do...

P/S: If anyone knows where I can get Jodi Picoult's book; Between The Lines for a price ALMOST similar to Big Bad Wolf Books (So impossible) or even Book Xcess' price, do let me know!

I haven't started on ANY of them yet except the Garfield one which I take in with me while know. Do my business. Maybe I'll get started after I finish my paper this Thursday. (Which I am supposedly studying for right now except...I'm lying to myself.) So while procrastinating taking a break from hours of reading and taking down notes, I came across Big Bad Wolf's Facebook page and they were diligently updating about the 63 hours book sale challenge they had set up for themselves. I am extremely jealous for those who got to go at 3 or 4 AM. Can you just imagine if you got to shop in your sleep clothes? Heck...IMAGINE SLEEPING RIGHT THERE. But whatever they were updating weren't exactly happy pictures or wonderful moments because they were telling us all about how horrible the books have been treated during the 63 hour sale. Click here.

But what got me extra ticked off was this certain guy who commented that the staff of Big Bad Wolf should not complain because this was business and they should just suck it up and let it go. Of course, while I'm in the middle of my worst moods (I just hate studying, okay?) I had to speak up.

Click to see a bigger picture. I couldn't find the guy's comment anymore. My take is that he has deleted it seeing that my comment was getting so many likes and sooner or later people would just get to bashing him anyway. Oh and the people above me / below me have been erased for privacy purposes. Original picture credits to Big Bad Wolf Books.

Let's be fair. How could anyone diss the team saying that they aren't allowed to complain? Plus, they weren't even complaining. They were merely telling everyone to return the books to wherever they have gotten them from. HOW IS THAT COMPLAINING?! So to that guy who had just told the team to just suck it up, how about YOU respect that the team is doing so much for everyone in Malaysia in order for them to enjoy cheap books and enrich their minds with all these materials at a much lower price than commercial bookstores out there? If you can't handle them telling you off (I suspect he must have been one of the people who had left it on the floor. Why else would he have reacted that way right?) then why don't you get back to bookstores out there that charge you 10 times more than what Big Bad Wolf Books is charging you? Same book, same cover, same content but at 10 times more. Enjoy.

So people, now that you've seen the mass destruction that Mission 63 has left and the Big Bad Wolf Books team has had to clean up after, PLEASE respect the books and the other people who are going for the sale. Put back whatever books you've picked up to their respective places. Or if you're too lazy to walk from one end to another, how about picking up a book and flipping over to read the summary before you put it in your box / trolley bag (If you were shopping in a look as epic as me) so that you don't have to put it back later? Then again if at the very last minute you find yourself running out of cash, PLEASE walk back to the section you picked it out from. Treat it as your workout alright? If you can spend hundreds of ringgits to go to the gym and walk on a treadmill endlessly, why can't you just walk from the cashier back to the section where you got your book from? It's not very difficult, it helps the team clean up faster for the next day of sale to happen and everyone leaves a happy person.

Oh and for whoever who has not gone for the sale, bear in mind that the sale runs from the 7th of December 2012 to the 23rd of December 2012 from 9AM to 9PM. Trolley bags or recyclable bags are MUCH encouraged so that you could leave by the end of the day without having to take plastic bags. Save the environment, okay? 21st of December is coming but we still have to put an effort into saving the Earth! Happy wolfing, everyone! And to the guy I just dissed in the picture above...SHAME ON YOU. To whoever who left their books on the floor...SHAME ON YOU TOO! You guys need to be punished.

So why am I the one being punished to read up on Media Ethics and Regulations now? :(

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