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By Elie - 4:41 PM

Okay so I have the most useless hiatus announcements ever because they would never work. I'm having a paper in just about 13 hours...my final paper for the next 4 months and I just can't put my heart into studying for it. I'm going to regret this for the rest of my life. Maybe just from 12 PM to 2 PM tomorrow. But really, I wish someone would come along and help me out. And that's really when I started to think about how I used to go for tuition classes in Strawberry Hills (which also happened to be where I got to be the pioneer batch of Smart Reader Kids for free during my kindergarten days lol) and then over to Mr. Neoh (who used to live just down the road from where I stay now) before going over to some place called Pusat Tuition Gemilang (which closed down after shifting to a bigger building. That's just sad...) before settling on not going for any tuition classes at all because they were all too far or the timing wasn't right. Oh...except Datin Khoo in my upper form years who tortured nurtured me to ace my accounts. I remember how it was just to make it to her classes which would start from 3 PM. I mean, school ended at 2.30 PM and the walk back to my god-mother's took me 20 minutes. So the rush was crazy. I used to take VERY CLEAN 5 minute showers and ignored lunch all together just to make a run to her class so that she wouldn't kill nag scold me.

 Then half the time I'd be eating in class just so that I don't starve to death because I have skipped lunch just to get to Datin's class.
Picture credits to Heather Foo many years back!

Or "recharging" my "batteries" so that I could make a complete run for it just as school finishes.
Picture credits to Heather Foo many years back!

But why indeed do parents send their children to tuition classes? In my mind, it was to put me through a torment...until I realized how much I needed it albeit the horrible timing and madness I had to go through over my schooling years. Which is why I always wondered yet again, why didn't tuition ever come to me; instead of me going for tuition? Catchy, ain't it? No, I have not gone crazy from studying Media Ethics (although I might as well do) but you've definitely read it right about tuition COMING to you. That's where home tuition classes would come to life and that is also where you should look into this amazing website I came across!

Here's the first thing you will see when you go to http://www.hometuitionjob.com/

And as if they aren't extensive enough, they even let you pick the area where you live so you could match yourself to the tutor you want. Let's be fair, I mean you can't possibly ask a tutor to come to your house in Shah Alam if they live in Kedah or something right? So with this, you could look for people around Shah Alam to educate your kid IN YOUR OWN HOME. They can study in their pajamas; not like myself, I had to look good just to go to tuition last time.

Extensive or not? From Bangsar to Jawi! (wherever Jawi is lol) I even see Ipoh and Pulau Pinang there so you don't have a reason not to apply now!

But if you think that's not already a wide choice enough and you're looking for some good looking tutors *cough* or you really want to have a look at all the tutors available, you could always hit the "Find Tutor" tab and you'd be linked right where you get to see all the tutors that have already signed up with this cool site!

Got picture for you to see some more. So pick whoever you think looks good would be the best for your kid!

AND if you think that isn't already cool enough, you can always just sign up to match yourself to a tutor according to your own needs. It's free to register anyway, so why not?

Seriously, they even have tutors for musical instruments and arts. This place is God sent or something.

Now you must be thinking, where do all these tutors come from? Or maybe you've been reading long enough and wonder if you could find yourself a student to teach for some extra pocket money and maybe to while away time getting a good part time job while helping out someone who needs brains like yours. THEN GET OUT THERE AND HELP SOMEONE because...

You can even go to students! Of course, students and their parents may be too spoiled for choice or they are just don't know who is good enough, so why not offer yourself?

Again, it is FREE to register and your profile will be online at http://www.hometuitionjob.com/ so parents and students can actually come and look for you if you are too shy to approach them! Plus it widens your chances of getting a part time job so that you can stop asking your parents or guardians for money!

It's pretty sad for me to only have known about this site now and not when I was desperately looking for a tutor back in my primary and secondary school days. Plus I didn't even come to this site when I was so broke and bored in August that I wanted to teach kids English! So don't be as depressing as me; taking VERY CLEAN 5 minute showers and running off to tuition classes or being desperately broke for money during the holidays. You can be getting the tuition TO you or even going FOR the job! And everything is free! Seriously, why didn't I come across this site in the past?! *Mumbles inaudible profanities to myself*

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