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Call me superstitious or call me extra girly when it comes to things like these but I do quite believe in the special significance in all these repetitive numbers that line up together. After all, I did change my Facebook profile picture at 12:12 AM on the 12th of December 2012 so I'm guessing that says a lot about my inner girl on that.

Anyway, exams has FINALLY ended for me and a few of my friends...I'm saying a few because some of them still have their final Malaysian Studies paper to sit through so here's a big fat good luck to all of them. I am a free child for the next 4 months! No more cramming, no more panicking and no more notes to memorize. Unless of course Netccentric demands for me to...you know...do all that...and yes, I am actually looking forward to get into my internship semester. I'm not sure if it's just a temporary feeling but it sure feels quite exciting at some point....I'm not sure WHICH point but some point, alright?

Mind you, this is a useless post simply meant to commemorate the amazing repetitive date that wouldn't come by anymore until the 1st of January 2101. And should that day even come, I wouldn't be here. Or maybe I would be but I'd be 109 years old so I really doubt I could be blogging anymore unless someone magically comes along to update my blog as often as I do. I actually do have a post hidden somewhere along my drafts noting that I have a letter for my future self; probably when I'm 30 or older and I've really wanted to post it out today BUT it just doesn't feel as complete as it is supposed to feel so I'm keeping that all the way for the New Year's. A sort of time capsule for me I guess.

A quick note to remember; it's nearly the middle of December which means the year is ending and so is the world apparently. I don't know about you but I'll be spending my 21st of December 2012 with my family so if the world is going to end, I say...BRING IT ON, BROTHER! I'VE LIVED, LOVED AND LAUGHED. I REGRET NOTHING. Lies, I regret so many things... And I've also got a resolution list that to nobody's surprise isn't quite complete. I should stop making resolution lists, it's pretty sad for someone like me.

Here's to a 12/12/12, my dear readers. Have a great one although there's only 5 hours and 15 minutes left to it. Grab a beer, fluff up a pillow and just chill out, alright? Much loves, Elie.

That's a present for someone, by the way. I've just stolen it for photographing purposes.

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