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By Elie - 10:54 AM

Hello there people! It's 13/12/12 today. I'm not too sure why I had to point that out but it felt like I might as well have done that, right? And me being who I usually am after every end of a semester, I slept all the way till 2 PM today only to wake up to my mother knocking on my door to ask if I preferred to eat or to go on sleeping. Sigh, mum. But I might as well, just before I turn into a lazy, fat pig. And just because I've got all this time in my hands (that's not true I've got work but I can't do nothing because the new laptop doesn't have Microsoft Word...can anybody help me out on this?) I thought of bringing Cozy Craft Corner back to life!

In case nobody knows what Cozy Craft Corner is, let me give you a quick run down. Cozy Craft has always been my little haven, a tiny corner where I would hide and a place where I grew up with loads of memories. From days where I could fit in that minimal space behind the table to sleep to the very day I no longer fit that are, Cozy Craft Corner has always been one of the best place to walk into. And not to mention that it's got that family feel to it no mater when I step inside. Sadly though, things began to take a turn a few years back and last year everything just went on a huge revamp and there was no more Cozy Craft Corner in Amcorp Mall. (I think if you drop by where we used to be, it is now called Garage and the two young men who runs it has painted it all black; a vast contrast from the white and yellow ambiance Cozy Craft Corner used to hold.)

Funny enough, that was when I started learning how to make Facebook pages via going on Google and stuff so I decided to get Cozy Craft Corner a Facebook page too! Of course, it has not been active because I never had a camera and I've always been madly busy with assignments, exams and part time jobs. (In which speaking of part time jobs, WHY IS MY MICROSOFT TRIAL PACKAGE NOT DOWNLOADING?!) And today, when I've finally decided to plop my butt down on my study chair (that is slowly turning into my jeans rack) I thought of giving Cozy Craft Corner a fair bit of exposure to people who really appreciate good deco along with a wonderful hand work. Because good things are meant to be shared, right? I'm not selfish, I really am not!

And so...welcome to Cozy Craft Corner's Facebook page! Alternatively, I've also added a sidebar on my blog which you could find as per the picture below with a red arrow to highlight it:

My ugly sleeping face to be ignored, thank you.

It would do all of us in the family a great deal if you would "LIKE" our page on Facebook and enjoy patronizing us. Although we no longer offer products as per shown on the page, there are MORE products that will soon be updated onto the page and you're not going to get them anywhere else because from now on, everything...and I mean EVERYTHING is going to be handmade, hand-stitched and hand...EVERYTHING! There will be two pieces of the same product and everything will come in various colors with various specialties of its own. Talk about one in a million, huh?

Can't wait to be an entrepreneur of my own and earn lots of money to dominate the world! *Rubs hands together* I mean...HEY LOOK MY MICROSOFT FILE JUST FINISHED DOWNLOADING!!! Kthxbai.

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