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By Elie - 4:57 PM

Aha! This was such an unexpected journey...pun intended. Yes, after a good halt of 2 months without a proper date with my beloved Mr. Ng, we decided to get out today and go be all lovey dovey in 1 Utama. So as I mentioned, it was unexpected that we'd watch a movie but there was really nothing much to do (LIES I DIDN'T GET MY DRESS! Compensation trip to go get my dress before my getaway soon) so we thought maybe we'd give the movies a go. But of course, it is after all a Sunday and to nobody's surprise, GSC was full. Then again, HEY HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS, TGV IS OPEN AGAIN IN THE OLD but refurbished yet still considered old WING OF 1 UTAMA!!! And this time, they have teamed up with IMAX and there's a Beanieplex to boot! Plus they would give out FREE 3D glasses to those who are watching movies by GSC (not IMAX) in 3D. Of course, then there's a price to pay but it's still pretty worth it as compared to GSC. But no, we did not get free 3D glasses because we were a little too broke for them. You'd usually feel the pinch when you pay by the double.

Sidetrack: The brand new cinema is actually really nice and the seats are rather comfortable as compared to what you would expect from TGV. I'm sorry for being biased but the last time I went into a TGV, my legs nearly died because of the lack of space between the rows. This however, felt like a (according to Mr. Ng) bucket seat to a rally car. Try imagining...a much tinier massage chair without the massaging functions or height. Oh and if you're looking to get a snack from their snack bar, HIT THE NACHOS, BABEH!

 Picture credits to Fandangoblog

And back to The Hobbit. Out of all the movies we were offered and boiling it down to this and Wreck-It-Ralph, my Mr. Ng decided on The Hobbit. I'm not surprised though. Guessed as much he would pick that. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't *like* the movie but I've never caught the whole Lord Of The Rings series and I figured it wasn't quite the movie I would really enjoy. He however thought it would be nice to have a look at the graphics and I have to agree that it was pretty interesting to just look at that.

With absolutely NO spoilers this time around on my review, I'd just make it quick and simple. To start off, you would probably be HALF as lost as me if you have never seen any of the LOTR series and maybe even walk off about an hour into the show. Luckily for myself and Mr. Ng, we were both a little too much a miser to lose out on whatever we've paid and stayed on anyway. Eventually the movie really grows onto you and there's a lot for you to get excited over, such as the graphics and the adventure that follows everyone in the movie. However, for a non-fan person like myself, 3 hours of for a single movie was quite a pain and I suppose it was just about the second hour when Mr. Ng and I began to wonder when would this movie ever end.

With the cast of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Richard Armitage as Thorin and a number of extras in the adventure, the movie (or series!) sets out to captivate to interest of many; rendering you to think about what could ever happen to them next. And while some of them don't quite make sense if you have no idea what the franchise is all about, it still does make for an enjoyable weekend do. Then again, be prepared not to be able to get toilet breaks or you'll be EXTRA lost when you return and come along with food. LOTS of it if you're the kind who usually finishes his popcorn before the movie even begins.

Personal rating: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10
Pros: Amazing graphics and pretty enjoyable at times with the quirky jokes you wouldn't have expected.
Cons: 3 hours. SERIOUSLY.

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