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I'm back again; after gaining TONS of kilograms out of my obsessive eating celebrating a good Christmas with my family. So do you remember when I told you in my previous post of Penang; Food that I had gone off searching for the wall murals done by the Lithuania-born artist, Ernest Zacharevic? If you do remember, good on you for keeping up! If you don't or you haven't seen the post before this, I suggest you either read the previous post read the previous post!

A little piece of background information about this talented young man in the picture below. He is none other than Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuania-born artist who was invited to come along and scurry around the walls of Georgetown, seeking out the ideal place where he had particularly liked to beautify and in hand with the Penang Island Municipal Council, they had contacted the owners of that certain wall so that he could scribble draw on them. This was a project done in collaboration with the Municipal Council for the Mirrors George Town project in line with the George Town Festival 2012.

And without further ado, let me show you the paintings my family and I had managed to find!

"Little Girl in Blue" at Muntri Street, Penang. It is a large artwork and you wouldn't miss it! Up close though, the girl looks a little scary...

"Little Girl in Blue" mural seen here in full. It is by the wall next to the Penang Ta Kam Hong temple so keep a lookout on that, alright?

 The famous "Little Children on a Bicycle" mural at Armenian Street, Penang. It is good to keep a look out for this just by the end of Armenian Street where the cars turn in.

"Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" mural at Ah Quee Street, Penang. A cute note about this mural is that it was never meant to be. The dinosaur was in fact a graffiti done by people with the intention of destroying another of Ernest Zacharevic's masterpiece (see below) and repaired by Ernest himself with the addition of the little boy and a string to control the dinosaur.

The original "Boy on a Bike" mural at Ah Quee Street, Penang. As mentioned above, Ernest Zacharevic had drawn this mural by the door and someone had come along with a dinosaur in hopes to destroy the art.

A complete look of "Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" and "Boy on a Bike" by Ernest Zacharevic at Ah Quee Street, Penang. I think it is amazing how he had managed to repair a piece of drawing that has already been destroyed. People need to leave all these beautiful drawings alone and just marvel at them from a afar!

"Reaching Up" mural at Cannon Street, Penang. Word has it that there was originally a teddy beat in the hole in which the child is reaching up to but it was stolen after a few days. Look out for the end of Cannon Street just before you take a turn because this little boy is right there!

Posing to remove the naughty boy's pants! Who's naughtier? The one who removes his pants or himself for trying to steal?

Daddy stopping the little boy from being a thief!

Mummy attempting to smack the little boy's butt for his notorious act!

My brother's girlfriend; trying to grab a hold of the little boy's hand.

My evil brother, kicking away the chair of the little boy! Look at how the little boy appears to be "staring" at my brother. It's such a lively picture...

Now, the two pictures below are not artworks by Ernest Zacharevic but instead is reported a masterpiece by a local artist named Louis Gan. Gan, a boy with hearing and speech disabilities has reportedly drawn this piece at the warehouse of an alleyway off Chulia Street Ghaut, Penang!

"Brother and Sister on a Swing" is a mural done by local artist, Louis Gan. It depicts two very happy siblings enjoying themselves on a swing. It can be found on the wall of a warehouse by the alleyway of Chulia Street Ghaut, Penang. A good lookout is that it is RIGHT before the turning to enter Lebuh Victoria so keep your eyes peeled!

 A tourist-y looking me waving at the "younger sister". A sign board bearing the name Step By Step Lane has also been put up but is not an actual road sign.

Unfortunately, I did not visit ALL of Ernest Zacharevic's artwork as some of them did not appear to be the most convenient places to go into such as the artwork at Chew Jetty of the "Children in a Boat", "Broken Heart" along Love Lane, Penang and "The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler" along Penang Road. Additionally, I may have missed the art "This Old Man" along Armenian Road as it has reportedly faded off too much to be noticed. Nevertheless, the artworks of which I have seen with my family is truly amazing and it's a complete eye opener for people like me who have zero talent in drawing. If you've got the opportunity, you would seriously have to go around hunting for these masterpieces before they all get washed off in the constant exposure of the rain and the sun or even horrible people who are out to destroy them. 

And just for a quick piece of fun, my family and I decided to walk from Armenian Street to Ah Quee Street as it was just next to each other. Along the way, we were drawn into a little store just along Armenian Street and we came across this old uncle by an odd looking piece of instrument making such uncanny noises.
The odd uncle! Apparently he has been featured in the newspapers but they are mostly in Chinese so I am...clueless. I would love to know what the instrument is called so if you do know, please leave a comment below and enlighten me about it.

As a final treat, I have got a video in which I have previously posted up before so that you could listen to the noises that this peculiar instrument makes. Enjoy yourself and good luck hunting for the artworks if you're planning for a trip up North!

It looks like a cross breed between a piano and a strumming guitar but is in the shape of a keyboard. I shall proceed to call it Keynotar! (That did not make sense at all...) Are there any readers here who are well equipped with such musical instruments' knowledge who can help me out?

Special thanks to the websites below for the information of both Ernest Zacharevic and Louis Gan, mural names and location instructions.

Penang Travel Tips - Ernest Zacharevic
Only Penang - Ernest Zacharevic
Only Penang - Louis Gan
The Star Online - Louis Gan

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  1. Greetings! Do you ever find the name of the instrument the man was playing? I have seen it a few times online before (usually same man playing in Penang) but I have never found the name. Thanks!

    1. Hi there,

      Sorry but I still have no idea what it's called. Appears to either be something he crafted by hand or it's a mysterious piece that nobody knows just yet! ;)


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