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We have come to the end of the year again! Hilariously last night, I had to friend ask on Twitter if we had achieved whatever we wanted to achieve from our resolutions list and I had replied that I didn't even know where my 2012 list was. So I did a little big of digging and had ACTUALLY found the list I have done a year ago! Read it here. And just in case you get a little too lazy to click on the link, here's my list for 2012:

Get jobs. Or copy writing projects. I need the money.
Grow taller. (This seems to be on my list every damn year and it never works!)
Stay away from too much junk food and do NOT put on weight!
Go on a holiday with my friends or boyfriend.
Treat my phone better so it doesn't die so soon.
Get internet on my phone, so I'm not as disconnected anymore.
Stop spending so much. It's unhealthy. (Ooh look! Sales!)
Start doing up simple accounting for my expenditures.
Kick ass on my college assignments and exams.
Organize my novels properly and not leave them on the floor.
Have some friends and not be as anti social. (This is going to be tough.)  

I think it's pretty funny how I only managed to hit a FEW of these things on the list no matter how hard I've tried. Or only 4 of them anyway. Seemingly, I've stopped growing taller but I've definitely gotten a LOT fatter. My phone has already retired and I am happily walking around with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I am still spending lavishly as though my father owned 3719346 hotels around the world (Are there even that many hotels in the world?) and I have definitely failed in doing up even a simply piece of accounting on my expenditure. I may have done well for the first four months but it was difficult trying to record everything and I gave up in the end. So much for being a top honor student during my SPM days and obtaining an LCCI certificate. No, I did not kick ass on my college assignments or my exams; leaving me with multiple Cs and Bs yet not a single A to be found. I'm really not made for studying. Finally, while I did try to organize my novels, some of them are still on the floor but there are less now. The new ones from the Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012 has yet to find the right space in my shelf so that's just that.

When I look back, I think I may have come a long way from the past year; from learning on how to let go of some things to possibly just living along with others. Granted, I still rant like there's no tomorrow on my private Twitter account, but a girl really just needs some breathing space sometimes, right? A brand new 2013 resolutions list would be up pretty soon along with a quick modification to my blog if I could ever find the motivation to stay away from my bed. I'll be sure to let you know what it is. Otherwise, here's a recap to what I have achieved all year. I feel proud of myself to a point, really. While I didn't hit them all right to the mark as I had planned, but it sure is something! My bed beckons, dear readers. Don't judge me for falling asleep at 9PM. This is major practice for my internship days! Which by the way is in...10 days... *Squeals in excitement*

Get jobs. Or copy writing projects. I need the money.
I kicked ass on this one. I have finally clinched a job that is much more permanent (In between the part time job with The Bee and what not) and I am actually very happy with it. I'm glad and proud to be a deal content writer with Groupshare, everyone! Not much on the money that makes me happy but the fact that I am a SEMI copywriter. Such joy!
Go on a holiday with my friends or boyfriend.
In January, my friends and boyfriend managed to have a quick escape to Port Dickson and although the trip was a measly 2 days, 1 night outing, I still find that I have found much fun in that. Additionally, I had gotten to go to Pulau Pangkor with my boyfriend and the family so there's not much of complaints on this.
Get internet on my phone, so I'm not as disconnected anymore. 
In line with getting the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, I had to finally subscribe to the RM48 plan with Maxis for a 1GB data package. Admittedly, it is daylight robbery and bloody expensive but I need it and I am not inclined to change my service provider as my family are all under Maxis. Maybe when my dad finally gives up on Maxis' horrible service at this crazy price, I could start saving up with a much more affordable plan that gives us more!
Have some friends and not be as anti social. (This is going to be tough.)
This is amazing. This year, I made friends I never could imagine I would have ever met or even spoken to. I'm happy to have met them, just as I wish they would be glad to have met someone as crazy as myself too. (That sounded vain...) Thank you, everyone. For accepting me at the first look and for allowing me to be a part of your life at a point in your path. 

Happy New Year in advance, everyone! :)  

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