Change For The Better

By Elie - 9:44 AM

I'm not sure if there are still people around reading this silly blog of mine of which I have put loads of effort in but nevertheless regardless whether or not I'd still get hits or not, I wish to thank everyone for sticking around.

Now if you'd notice in my previous post, I mentioned that there would be a quick change to the blog, "Elie Says" and there you go! It is exactly that! I've revamped the name into something less cliche (I'm not sure why but I actually find having my own name there a tad bit cliche) and decided to relive my days as a Shneep as per my then-public, currently private blog and rename this blog as Shneep's Corner! Taking up the name from the collaborations of the Sheep and Snail, I derived Shneep about 4 years back and have stuck to such a name since. Although it made no sense to have a sheep mix with a snail, it felt like something personal and something special enough for me.

Anyway check out the new and simply header while I continue to work on making it a little more lively and note that I've got a new background that looks pretty rustic and less dreamy. Hey! Everyone has to grow up to face the harsh realities of life, don't they?

Welcome to Shneep's Corner. Same URL, same brilliant author but just with a not-so-brand-new...uh...brand new look. :)

[Edit] My header is done now! Check out my new little friends, Sheep and Snail painstakingly drawn on Adobe Illustrator over a span of 2 hours. I feel proud of myself, really. And pretty satisfied with my work. Joy to being productive. Leave me a comment below on how you feel about the spanking new header with those little critters having an imaginary conversation together! 

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