2013, Here We Go

By Elie - 11:16 AM

So I've come to learn the very hard way that absolutely nothing that contains caffeine should be consumed after 8 PM and I'm here to let you know this post is written at about 2:15 AM on the 30th of December 2012. Surely the moment my parents finds this they will slaughter me then send me off to the market to fetch for a high price and be rich before retiring in a mansion by the beach get fairly pissed at me but I must say, caffeine is an evil thing.

Anyway, I have been doing this whole yearly resolution list thing nearly every year since I began blogging in my then-public and currently private blog. And when I started out in this blog in the year 2011 it was already past the times of when it was proper to do up a list anyway so I started out only with 2012's list in which you could find right here. Funny enough, you could even catch up to what I've managed to do and what I didn't achieve in the post I did two days ago right here so that's a quick summary for you isn't it? While I did a complete breakdown of my good, bad and ugly two years back, I decided not to do it this year because I've forgotten about whatever I've gone through this year just decided never to think of the bad or the ugly which leaves me with the good in which I wouldn't need a blog post to remind me if it was indeed good, right? Right. I am...however picking out a photo from whatever I've taken from this whole year to insert in here just so I'd remember simply ONE thing out of the many things by looking back at this post. And that picture would be...

 A simple reminder of the three days where I have drank more than I've eaten, laughed more than I've spoken and loved more than I could imagine. A picture of first experiences with great memories to hold on to should I ever feel down. A picture that tells me to look ahead, to forget about my worries and just enjoy what comes along with the beauty of nature. A picture...of my 2012.

Onto my 2013 resolutions list; I began to think about things I would actually be proud of doing since the world didn't end (HA!) on the 21st of December 2012 and since I'd be officially legal in every way come October 2013. I also gave it a strong thought about how I should make up a list that is much more achievable compared to my dreamy ones from years back of which I am laughing at when I return to my past. Did I really want to change my wardrobe back in the year 2010? I guess that one came 2 years late just like any typical Malaysian... And tonight, when I've just had enough to think, I have come along to listing my list as per every year in the past.

  • Kick ass on my internship with Netccentric Pte Ltd from January to March
  • Graduate from IACT College with a double diploma as a student in Mass Communications majoring in Journalism
  • Get my first official full time job whether or not I decide to make it a lifetime career
  • Write my first ever novel and offer it to someone I don't know to read it before bracing myself for comments and honest feedback
  • Donate my first pint of blood with dad by my side as support
  • Learn how to do a proper make up whether for work or play
  • Clean my room so I will no longer reside in a pig's sty
  • Pick up my guitar and start learning how to play it with or without proper lessons
  • Hit the gym at least once a week and get back on my 45kg track
  • Run in a marathon regardless 7km(s) or 10km(s)
It's funny how the first three things on the list is simply something I know I could work out on if I were to work harder than I already am doing while the fourth item on the list is something I've plucked out from my personal bucket list. True to it, I'd really love it if my writing does improve over time and someone were to enjoy what I'm writing; whether or not it sells. It has always been my passion to write and I truly hope it is something that would live in me for as long as I breathe. It sounds really tough, and I personally understand that it's not going to be an easy path but hopefully, in God's will, I shall achieve it!

The fifth is actually something I've pledged to do ever since my best friend, Callie invited me to the KBU blood donation drive but we never got there as she had some matters to take care of. And I did sort of chicken out anyway because I was afraid of the needle after my horrendous 7 days of torture from my National Service days with blood and needles. However, 2 days ago when my father had gone to UH for his regular blood donation, I decided to make it my first time ever to donate blood in 2013. Talk about turning 21 in a way to help the people in need. Sure, I'm aware of the age limit actually being 18 but as I've mentioned, I am a little afraid.

My sixth pledge is something I'm sure my mother and aunt would be proud to see on the list as I've never been a make up person but seeing as that my aunt has invested much on my under appreciated make up sets, I shall begin to practice my way through lady-hood. My seventh pledge; will in fact be quite a good joke to my whole family and my boyfriend as everyone knows how messy I am with clothes here, papers there and all sorts of junk round the other corner. Maybe it really is time I took a good day off to clean away with all these rubbish and actually sleep in somewhere I can call a room and not mice hole.

My eighth pledge is something of which I have been wanting to do from my high school days but I have yet to find such determination to keep my nails short and live with ugly blisters around the tips of my fingers while strengthening my index finger for the sake of reaching out on the F chord in which I would have to cover up on the entire first fret. However, my aunt's guitar in which has been handed down from my granduncle should really be put to good use or otherwise it would truly be a shame to just be lying there and collecting dust. Plus, Sungha Jung is a really handsome guitarist. I wonder if he needs a partner. *Coughs*

Finally, my ninth and tenth pledge of year 2013 is truly something that I've always wanted to do and am in great hopes to actually cross it off with pride. My parents, brother and boyfriend might just be laughing at me right now because of how lazy I am and much because I am truly in love with my food that I would much rather stick with that than the gym. However, let's turn tables around this year and make something work for myself, alright? May all these excessive and unhealthy weight be lost and my dreams be made true for me to achieve my finisher status along with a medal someday.

That's it. Welcome to my wishful 2013, everyone. May everyone have a blessed year ahead with your beloved friends and family. Let bygones be the bygones of year 2012 and bring in much more joy with the change of the calendar.

May everyone...just live.

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