Dear Future

By Elie - 5:00 PM

Do you remember when I mentioned in my old post on the amazing 12/12/12 that I had drafted a letter to myself? Well then, here we go!

Hi there, 30 year old.

Are you really reading this 10 years later? Because if you are, then here's a quick reminder how you looked years ago.

Exactly, you ugly cow. How you have lived through your days willingly looking like that, I have no idea. Being young isn't an excuse. Just because you were 20, it doesn't mean you could have walked around looking like that. Then again, let's have that put behind you.

How is work coming along? Have you already become the stewardess you have always wanted to be? Have you been visiting countries like you always wanted to? Because if you have NOT seen the Sakura flower in Japan, you ought to be knocked on the head. Has your imaginary novel finally been published? That book didn't just fall through like your other  8769823465 dreams, did it? Seriously, what are you doing with your life? *Smacks*

How are your buddies? Yeah, all those crazy people who have been by your side through thick or thin? Are you still in touch with them, you snobby person?

Do you still see this rascal?

Are you still camwhoring in toilets with these crazy people?

Are you still in touch with your 7 year old buddy?

Are you still strangling this mad fool?

Do you remember your midnight rants with this girl who has the same name? Or...ALMOST the same name?

Are you still talking to your amazing friends from college?

Yeah, how's everyone? I hope you're still keeping in touch with them, because without them you might have just gone through the whole of your youth doing stupid things; alone. You may not have known it years back, but today you should realize that each and everyone of them has left you a great impact in life and you really should go on and thank them all personally for pulling you through while telling you not to give up in things you believe in. It's cliche, but you know how true it has proven to be. So get off that lazy butt and do it now.

How's the family? Mum? Dad? Your silly brother?

Does your brother still look this lansi? Or skinny?

Has your mother FINALLY gained weight and your father turned into Santa Claus yet? You know, his stomach? *Pokes*

Has your brother gotten married yet? If he hasn't, shouldn't it be about time he did? I mean, you're like 30 and he should be 36 by now. And if he has, DOES HE HAVE CHILDREN YET? Are you spoiling your niece / nephew the way you have been spoiled? Don't forgive to give them the love you've gotten. How are all your uncles and aunts? Are you treating them with things just like your Aunt Sylvia treated you? You better be! *Smacks again*

Hang're 30. Are YOU married yet? Is he the Mr.Right you've always been looking for? That person who makes you laugh when you're happy or cry when you're HAPPIER? Is he that person you're always Skyping with or using any kinds of modern, hyper technology to get in touch as you fly? Or have you already settled down with a family of your own? Then again, you're 30 and young. Why on Earth would you have done that?

You better have been living life the way you have planned. Because otherwise...what else could you have been doing? Welcome to being 30 years old, Elie Lam. This is the beginning of a brand new chapter. A switch to what you have felt all along. And congratulations for achieving it.

Much love,
Your 20 year old self.

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  1. Hi,30 Years Old Elie.. Do you still remember me?!:DD

    1. In 10 years, I will come back to this comment and reply you my answer to your question! ^^


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