Mothers Galore

By Elie - 11:34 AM

I sound like I'm selling my mothers away with my title, really. But no, my mothers are not for sale and I apologize for the hope I have given you. And yes, you are reading it correctly when I go ahead and give the word "mother" a plural meaning to it because I have not just one but two mothers. Again, don't just misinterpret that, my father is not married twice and I am not an adopted child from some land far, far away. I am merely someone who is blessed and is lucky enough to have a birth mother; the one who was pregnant of me for 9 months and has cared for me for 20 years and 2 months to date and another is a motherly figure who has taken care of me since I wear a 4 month old baby. That's right, she used to be my baby sitter but she's just a lot more of a mother right now. Hence the story runs...mothers.

The funniest things about my MOTHERS is that although they were born on different years, they in fact share the same birth month and although it isn't on the exact same day, but it's really just 24 hours in difference. So a great shout out, first to my god-mother, my mama, the one I annoy every time I get home from school asking if there is food to eat or if there's extra warm water to shower with. The one who purposely feeds me extra or cooks me stew just because I love the way she makes it and the one who has always been there whenever I'm...hungry. Happy belated Birthday, mama. Love you to bits for caring for me just like your little girl although we are not blood related.

Your 4 month old baby that you have cared for is now big enough to feed herself. Thank you mama. Happy Birthday on the 1st of January. :')

And of course, like I've mentioned, my mothers are celebrating their birthdays simply a day apart which means...TODAY IS MY MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Teaching my mum that camwhoring in the fitting room of major departmental stores is awesome. Not only are the mirrors big and tall enough, nobody knows! Ha! Of course, the down side is that it could sometimes be dirty...

That's right, my mum has hit...a secret age but she will forever be 35 to me. Why 35 is a mystery, I just really like the number for some reason today. I love you everyday that you live with my indecisiveness, my greed and my out-of-money experiences. I love you for bringing me into this world and I absolutely love you for being my mother who is caring, annoying and pretty frustrating at times. You are amazing, just the way you are, mum. Happy Birthday. I hope you liked the cake that Wai Kin and I got you this afternoon although it must have been uber sweet for someone who dislikes chocolate like yourself. Lava cakes were probably the wrong choice but it was the best thing we could get from wherever we were at. And your single candle is so you don't remember how old you really are (*Snickers*) but of course, we all know you're really just...35. Hehehe...I love you for being you, mummy. Every single day.

Proverbs 31:29 Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.

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