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Aha! This is going to be my final event as a blogger for the next 3 months as I'll be off to do my internship with Netccentric Pte Ltd and I'd probably have a lot more "preparing-the-event" part than the "be-in-the-event" person. But anyway, I'm just going to make the most of whatever happens.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but for all these years I've lived, all I've ever loved to receive were flowers; be it roses or lilies or tulips; whatever. Unfortunately, I was never one of those lucky people from high school who had gotten two or three flowers on Valentine's Day (that would really be my fault because I've always been such a guy in school and nobody would have ever liked me as a girl...) and neither is my boyfriend one of those extremely romantic type that gets me a rose out of the blue. Nevertheless, I've still gotten my first stalk of flower from my boyfriend after nagging and complaining about how unromantic he is and threatening to dump him (I'm kidding, I wouldn't dump him for that!) because he thinks I deserve it but really that's it with me and flowers.

First ever stalk of pink rose in my whole life thanks to Mr.Ng.
Photograph stolen off my personal Instagram from months ago!

Today however, I was surrounded by immense amounts of Bulgarian roses! I'm not sure how many roses were around me, but it must have been more than hundreds of thousands! I'm not kidding! Let me bring you around on why I suppose there has been so many.

I was invited as a blogger to Shills; The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care's New Product Launch and it was all just...ROSY!

First thing I saw when I stepped in were pink roses! I love pink roses. I hate pink, but I love pink roses. Someone hint my boyfriend again, please?

Given that Shills has already named themselves as the ones with The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care, it really wasn't a surprise to see so many beautiful flowers laying around. Arriving with Ning, Isabel and Tania just about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the event, we decided to scurry around and take pictures. Fun fact: I was highly intimidated by all these big DSLRs while I held my tiny digital camera close. It wasn't fun at all.

 The new products simply standing around being stared at...

Toners, make-up removers, day creams, night creams, essences, masks and eye creams on display

More of Shills' products

 A little tester area for fellow media and blogger persons prepared for after the demonstration

A complete set of Shills; The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care on display at the table of the demonstration area

A complete set of the Shills; The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care line consists of 9 amazing products and are named in no particular order as:
  • Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier retailing at RM 79 for 250ml
  • Rose Essential Cleansing Gel retailing at RM 79 for 100ml
  • Rose Essential Hydrating Toner retailing at RM 59 for 250ml
  • Rose Luxury Essence retailing at RM 99 for 30ml
  • Rose Essential Hydrating and Whitening Day Cream retailing at RM 99 for 50ml
  • Rose Essential Whitening and Repair Night Cream retailing at RM 99 for 50ml
  • Rose Petal Jelly Mask retailing at RM 99 for 70ml
  • Rose Essential Firming Eye Cream retailing at RM 118 for 20ml
  • Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask retailing at RM 99 for 10 pairs
Eventually, we were told that the demonstration would start in a matter of minutes, so we decided to be a little more "kiasu" and headed up front to get a good space. (Actually we were just too short and we wanted to have a good shot of the products later on...) To kick start the event, two young girls named Christy (Given this is how it is spelled) and Isabel (Different Isabel, not the one I mentioned above!) of William & Luisa Dance World appeared to performed a dance of cha cha and jive. I must say; although they weren't properly identified, I much preferred the girl with a more tan complexion for her dance moves, her swaying beauty and her expressions throughout the performance. I tried to insert the video I have taken and uploaded on YouTube but Blogger is being a true pain in the butt by not searching for it well enough so you may have to click here to watch how adorable these two little girls were. I'm really sorry!

After the opening act, our emcee (whom shockingly was a guy) came up front and gave us a quick rundown with the company background and some information about the company. Now, do you remember when I said there were hundreds of thousands of roses around me? The reason I had dared to say that was that in every 1kg of the Bulgarian Rose Essence, 4,000kgs of naturally organic Bulgarian Rose petals were sacrificed distilled! So imagine how many kilograms of roses were around me; given that there were so many bottles of essences around me! 

Starting out with a greeting

Our emcee, Kim and the beauty specialist representative of Shills, Ms. Eva.

Now please be forewarned about the sudden splash in pictures right after this line as there's really that many things that has happened throughout the event!

Ms. Eva showing off the amazing toner and explaining about why we need toners to start out our daily routine. Toners are meant to warm our faces up for whatever else we are about to slap on such as our moisturizers and will help absorb the nutrient quicker! Aha!

The model; Grace. I think she's really beautiful but she should smile a little more. She seems a little solemn throughout the demo, really...

 Ms. Eva testing out the dryness of Grace's face. A regular face should have a percentage of about 40% and unfortunately, almost nobody gets to achieve a 100% moisture on their faces. I wonder how mine rates...

Grace rates at 31.5% which is pretty dry. I bet my face would hit 28% or something of that figure...

Ms. Eva applying a toner on Grace's face with a inner to outer sweep while moving from the bottom of her face to the upper sides so that the skin does not get wrinkly or saggy. Another tip!

Fooling around with the Bulgaria Rose essence. Do you recall me mentioning about 4,000kgs of naturally organic Bulgarian rose petals? Hello there!

Grace with a partly moisturized face and a not-as-moisturized face. Do you see the clear difference it that?

Perhaps it is due to the lighting of the picture but when I was looking at her face to face, I noticed a slightly better complexion on the right side of her face as opposed to the left side which was not touched by Ms. Eva as a comparison experiment so the media and blogger people could see. 

Next up is the amazing Rose Petal Jelly Mask with real Bulgarian rose petals inside it. It's consistency is similar to what honey is and according to Ms. Eva, it is edible. Our friend, Cindy decided to take a little, microscopic size of it just to see what it might taste like. "Honey." she says.

The Rose Petal Jelly Mask being applied on half of the model's face just to let us compare. It's the cutest thing ever when you see someone getting only half the treatment. When the mask was cleansed off about 15 minutes later, the model had a distinctive difference in her complexion and the right side of her face appeared a little lighter than the left side. Well hey!

According to Ms. Eva, a mask should never be left on our face for more than 20 minutes as the effects may be reversed which means if it were supposed to moisturize your skin, it may instead absorb the moisture from your skin. Pointer number three!

Ms. Eva showing off the Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask in its original texture. With a jelly-like look, it sticks really well to the bottom of our eyes, working to reduce puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. I may just go and steal a few packets if I had the chance.

Finally, fooling around with the Rose Essential Deep Clarifier! Looking absolutely disgusting, it works even as a makeup remover, locking away all the makeup into a phlegm-like texture so you can just get rid of it immediately. It is said to even remove pen ink stains...just in case your pen biting habit goes awry...I fooled around with the same product later on and found that it does give out a gooey, sticky texture when you've played with it long enough. Urgh!

Amazing isn't it, what you can find in a day and in one tiny flower? So it turns out asides looking really good and making us ladies extremely happy when we receive it, roses are really awesome for our skin especially in moisturizing them. Heading home, I ripped open my goodie bag in which I found a few fine things.

Shills products of course!

A Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set. It comes in such a feminine packaging that to me is just...too pink. I'm sorry I'm such a guy when it comes to things like these.

Inside are three little bottles of the Dual Action Cleansing Gel, Toner and Rose essence!

A big bottle of the Rose Essential Hydrating Toner! This is the actual retail pack going at RM 59 and they put it in our goodie bags! *Gasp*

A light pink-ish color for the toner. It smells really good and is completely alcohol free so it's harmless to the skin and is extra moisturizing!

 An adorable Rose Petal Soap pack as door gifts. In my Instagram, I mentioned about how they smelled like roses. My mistake, they now smell like bubblegum to me. I'm not sure why my thoughts has changed, but really it's got that sweet bubblegum scent!

 Who would really bear to use such a beautiful thing as soap? Maybe I'd leave it in my cupboard as a fragrance diffuser. It's so pretty!

A Shills Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask. Yay! Extra masks for extra pampering sessions! I believe I will need these in the course of my internship so I don't die halfway looking like a haggard who has just been to National Service. I'm sorry, I hated National Service. You would know by the way I have written my juniors some tips on how to come out alive...

And RM 20 worth of Shills cash voucher! Shopping spree, anyone? Yes, I admit to being cheap but that's really because I am only a student an intern and I cannot afford much. 

Now if you'd excuse me, I am headed for a mask session before I head to bed. Did you know that your skin loses moisture if you're constantly exposed to the air-conditioning? Which face is practically Sahara desert. That should tell you a lot about my face, really.

Re-using one of the pictures I took during Christmas at my cousin's Christmas party. What do you think? Sahara desert? Or is it Death Valley? And my dark circles are completely ignorable. Please.

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