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By Elie - 1:46 AM

Well crap would you look at that? While I was on a break, I was here every single day, ranting about all the odds of my daily life and suddenly I've just gone...missing. But then again, if you're been reading my blog often enough, *glares* you would now know that I'm an intern with Netccentric Pte Ltd except I'm based in the KL office. Like duh, right? Now, I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to be talking about my job so really I'm just going to leave it at that I am currently the Community Relations Intern of Nuffnang and I can say that my first week here has been a rock and roll of learning curves, opening up to people and taking in a lot more than I would have expected. Oh and by the way, the whole "Hello, I am Elie" thing never works here. We actually have to speak out...really loudly. Don't ask.

Also, I've been sleeping remarkably early these days *coughs* at about 12-ish all because I have an absolute hate for being online and my eyebags are getting so out of control that I wish I could go for a plastic surgery to remove them to get up really early to catch the train so I could get to Nuffnang. Contrary to my complaints on Facebook and Twitter, I do quite enjoy my experiences on the KTM; the adrenaline surge of rushing and pushing with people; the fight for survival (Now it sounds like I go to war every day or something but really, no.) or plainly for a seat. Or even to get up the train. And when I get to glare at idiotic brainless ignorant men who come into the ladies' coach even when it specifically says "LADIES COACH". I get so annoyed by men like that. Sheesh dude, get back to the normal coaches or snap away your penis.

And to add to the final touch, remember when I mentioned how I had been working for as a deal content writer? Well I guess that's pretty much behind me as they have hired a much more permanent photo editor cum deal writer to complete the job. While I'm happy for them, it has just meant that my reliable source of income has officially went KO and I am back to being someone who is jobless bar my current attachment with Netccentric. It would have been great if I could continue on with Groupshare but I suppose everything happens for a reason and that the reason is how I should walk on ahead to a different future. I mean, I do love my responsibilities with Groupshare, but maybe now I should learn to take on bigger ones.

On a much nicer note, my results has finally come alive and for the first time since my 2nd semester (which was 2 years back) I had seen not just one but TWO As in them. Of course, I had not expected much for the final subject that I have gotten a B+ for but at least it pulled my CGPA back up just that little bit. Thank you, God. I can now go ahead and think hard about how I am going to do my internship report. And also thank you to the two awesome lecturers who has given me an A for respective subjects. Definitely helps with the self esteem, guys. I love you both!

So there you have it. A nice and quick update on whatever I've been going through in a whole week summarized into a post of God only knows how many words. It's nice to actually come back to blog...possibly just once a week or something. At least I wouldn't be spamming and it'll probably help with the final report in 3 months' time. Seriously, who remembers who much in 3 months anyway? Kicking off with an extremely vain self-shot I've taken in the fitting room of Kitschen, 1Utama while trying on a dress. I do love this dress but the price feels fairly steep (I'm sorry I buy all my clothing from Sungei Wang and places as such) at RM 80 after a discount. Initially, I had wanted to go BACK and buy it on Tuesday as a reward to myself for acing my 6th semester or so but seeing as that my feasible income has just flew away...maybe I would need a second thought on that. Well, at least I have a picture to keep of it, right?

With zero edits, not even an Instagram filter. Seriously, look at my eyebags bulging belly ...nevermind, don't look. Lovely dress though, yes?

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  1. Nice dress!! I like some pieces from Kitschen too but i usually just try to wait until they go on sale.... ^^;;

    1. I didn't get this piece though. I kind of wish I did but it's pretty steep a price so I'm having LOADS of double thoughts on this. Urgh. This is on a 10% discount...but I wonder if there would come a day when this would be thrown into the 70% rack! :P


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