30 Days Challenge; Day 1

By Elie - 5:52 PM

I'm not sure if I'd make any sense in this post seeing as that I really am typing it in a half pissed off, quarterly tipsy and mostly happy mood. But I will try, I promise.

So two nights ago, I had these two juniors from high school exchange tweets with my on Twitter and it was pretty fun to have spoken to them only to know that they are now in the blogosphere too! Do visit Elicia Wong or Samm Lee when you've got the time and give these budding writers a chance, alright? Truth is, I've been Elicia's stalker follower on Twitter for a while now and funny enough, it was nice to read about how life went for a junior. As for Samm, I unfortunately was not as close but it was nice to have a quick chat with her anyway.

And today, I noticed that Elicia had posted up something called the 30 Days Challenge on her blog. Seemingly, the challenge runs like this: On each day, there will be a different theme in which you would have to share with your readers with utmost honesty and you would have to keep up to it...DAILY. It sounded pretty fun and I truly remember having done it a few years back on Facebook; sharing my favourite quotes, songs or even books. It felt fun and for some unknown reason, when I saw her post today, I was pretty excited to jump on the bandwagon and have my share of this challenge. It was a way to have me stick with this blogging mojo for a while and it didn't sound like it was too difficult. The challenges were simple and extremely feasible.

Day 1: Your full name
Day 2: Favourite food
Day 3: Favourite TV show
Day 4: What you want to do before you die
Day 5: Favourite place
Day 6: Favourite drink
Day 7: Favourite movie
Day 8: What you want to do when you grow up
Day 9: Favourite book
Day 10: Where are you from?
Day 11: How old are you
Day 12: Siblings
Day 13: Someone you miss the most
Day 14: Someone you love
Day 15: Favourite store
Day 16: Describe yourself
Day 17: Celebrity crush
Day 18: Favourite band/singer
Day 19: Favourite song
Day 20: Favourite quote
Day 21: What your crush/bf/gf looks like
Day 22: What you look for in a person
Day 23: Your best friend, and why?
Day 24: Person who knows everything about you
Day 25: Last time you cry and why?
Day 26: Things you love to do
Day 27: Favourite boy name and why?
Day 28: First concert
Day 29: Your birthday

And that was it. It definitely sounded like something I could cook up regardless how busy I was at work. After all, this week appeared pretty simple and it was a lot of fun being in the office with endless laughter and a gory screening to boot. Plus there was a one day interval of a holiday and that didn't seem too bad after all, right? Anyway, here I am typing this out past midnight which means my challenge begins on the 26th of January 2013 and the first thing I am to share is... "Your full name".

It's odd how I've always thought I have an amazing name that *almost* nobody could pronounce properly and finally settled on "Elie" when I turned 13. But before that, I was always known as "Lam"; which was essentially my family name. Today, I would love to be known as Lam Yunqan (Pronounced Lam Yun-Kuan) as it is not only part of my challenge but it is even my identity for real. There comes a point in which I have not gotten use to the name "Elie" myself albeit being known as that for years now. I've even considered a change of name but since this name appeared to have stuck, so "Elie" I shall be for the rest of my life. 

30 Days Challenge, Day 1: Lam Yunqan, Elie.

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