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By Elie - 2:51 PM

I feel like such a nag sometimes, with my countless complaints in life and I never seem satisfied. I'm sorry about that but other times I just think about how we're only human and that we are on a constant hunt for the better. Which is why I rant in the first place; like how I complained about my lecturer being bias to homosexuals and my friend being such a prick to them too or how I actually went all out to scream (in my head) about my stupid Touch & Go card earlier this week. So right now, bear with me while I rant about the little kids of the newer generation today. When I look at that line, I wonder if I even stand to write something like that; seeing that I have not even hit the right mark of adulthood and neither have I gotten my golden key from my parents (which means you're totally open to guess my age right now) that I could ever call the little kids I see around me as the "newer generation". But then again, this year I'd be able to walk right into a casino if I ever wanted to and somehow that just feels pretty awesome. I think. Okay, I'm sidetracking. I really need to rant about this. Really!

Today 's a holiday here in Malaysia (I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK, OMG I FINALLY UNDERSTAND THE PAINS OF PEOPLE GOING TO WORK EVERY SINGLE DAY NOW. PLEASE LET ME STAY IN COLLEGE FOREVER OMG!) and my family decided to get out of the house; especially seeing that my dad needed a haircut from the shop he goes to every time in IPC, Mutiara Damansara. Eventually our short "haircut" trip out became a full fledged day out when we continued on to walking into IKEA to look for some racks for the kitchen, a new dining table for someone and me possibly buying a snake for my mum. No, I didn't get the snake.

 I wish I did. I really wish I did. :(

Of course, seeing as that we've spent so much of time accomplishing almost everything, it was a little too late to go home for dinner and even if we did, we'd probably be too lazy to leave home afterwards so we decided to have dinner in The Curve anyway and settled for a shop that serves Hakka cuisine called Ying Ker Lou. (Sidetrack moment: The food tastes pretty good and if you get the tea time deal, it's really worth it. But expect to wait really long for your food alright? Price wise, decent.) Just before we left Ying Ker Lou, I noticed this one family by the door who had their iPad stretched out for their son who looked nothing more than 6 years old to watch movies and have dinner at the same time. You read that right. This kid; a mere 6 year old kid, was watching movies on an iPad and eating instead of chomping down his food like a normal person who has human interaction.

The first thing that really hit my mind was that I should really go rob them of that iPad just to teach them a lesson for leaving their iPad so vulnerable to public it was such a ridiculous thing to do! How could you ever just let your kid watch movies on an iPad at dinner time?! You're a family! Why aren't you talking to your child like other regular parents? Ask them about their day, ask them if they think the food is good, ask them what they would like to do or just generally talk about ANYTHING but seriously just don't ever feed them with any gadgets! Truth be told, this isn't even the first time I've seen something like that happen. I've seen families with kids holding up their iPhones or iPods or iPads or whatever else these stupid "i" people could come up with walking around malls and completely ignoring the world. Whatever happened to human interaction in the newer generation? True, I would say that I am pretty attached to my S3 but there's just a limitation to such attachment and it should stop at times when you're having your meal or walking around malls.

It really makes me wonder if these kids would ever talk to their parents at home at all. Again, I may not be the best example out there who spends all her time with her parents (I'm up here blogging about this, aren't I?) but I would always make it a point to sit down with these old folks for some movies, drinks and even just to share about all these horrible things that has happened in my day. I call it interaction; and it's something that little kids should start doing nowadays. Quit the iPad, quite the iPhone, quit the iPod and stick on to some good old face to face chats. I wish some kids could just use their technology and read this then throw their gadgets away and start to talking to the people around them face to face. It doesn't even matter if the ratings to my blog falls. Just start being human again, please.

And a quick note to some parents out there who thinks that it's the best way to shut their kids up? In the most harsh and ridiculous way, I would love to tell you to stop breeding. Kids are supposed to be noisy, they are meant to ask silly questions that makes no sense and be extremely chatty to a point you wish you could put a tape on their mouths. (By noisy, I actually mean that they should be talkative and NOT stomping on the ground to scream their lungs out. Those...deserve a tight slap on their faces and be told to stop being brats. ESPECIALLY those in closed cafes and restaurants or shopping malls. Just...NO!) They are supposed to be cheerful, not robotic and be glued to their gadgets. They should be learning the ropes to interaction with the society, not being the next batch of brainwashed children with no sense in their thoughts plus a whole load of lost interactions. You're their parents, not their ATM machine who gives them just whatever you can to make them keep quiet. Talk to them, be human too. Before I decide to rob that bloody iPad away from you.

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