30 Days Challenge; Day 10

By Elie - 2:29 PM

Sweet good God I am 1/3 done with the 30 Days Challenge and I couldn't find myself being happier although I have technically "skipped" a day because of my laziness forgetfulness eventful holiday! It just means I have found simple 1/3 of this apparent self discovery track in realizing the things I like best and in things I have come to admit as well. I am learning, I am learning.

So Day 10 seeks to question about my location with it saying "Where are you from?" Well you see, I am someone who used to live in London with my parents until a letter came for me one day telling me that I could attend a school all the way in Scotland where I could be learning of witchcraft and wizardry. In there, I was addressed as a Muggle and I hated it so I decided to punch the fool who had called me that just when I was about 13 or so. I had two guy best friends and had fallen in love with one of them in the end but decided at a later time that he really wasn't all that hot and I ran away from that life.

After I had gotten so sick of all that, I placed a charm on myself and got off on my own adventure where I would be younger by the day until a certain point when I decided that I couldn't live being a child without the freedom of an adult which was why I settled for being an adult but with a child's mind. And that is where I was from. I am Hermione Granger who has undergone much charms in modifying my face and everything else to turn into Elie Lam.

Jokes aside, I'm really just from Kuala Lumpur. Born and bred a city girl. :)

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