30 Days Challenge; Day 11

By Elie - 2:29 PM

This isn't going too bad. I'm still here for this so you guys should start getting pretty proud of me by now okay? Like send me chocolates and flowers and presents galore. Okay no, don't do that. It'll be a little freaky. Leave that to my boyfriend to do alright? *Shudders a little*

Anyway here goes for my Day 11 challenge. It says "How old are you?" and I just have to say...why would anyone want to know how old I am? I mean, you should never and I mean NEVER ask a girl her age whether it is face to face or via a text message or even through a blog. Ever. Because seriously we'd probably just answer that we're just about 7 years old and then you wouldn't believe it and we'd say 8...and the circle goes on.

But then again, I'm not just an ordinary girl. I'm someone special and thus I shall tell you my real age. I am 109 and I am a vampire but I don't sparkle under the sun. *Coughs* Okay no, I'm really 118 and I change into a bat when I want to while my dad runs a hotel far, far away from humans. I'm a bat turned human who is still 118 years old right now. And...that didn't make a lot of sense.

You see what I told you about asking a girl her age? Proven.

P/S: This is the year that I can finally enter a casino without worrying about getting caught. Not that I've ever entered a casino before but I'd like to just see how it is like...and this year I'll get to. Good luck guessing my age from this hint.

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