30 Days Challenge; Day 14

By Elie - 4:12 PM

So after getting off with an emotional Day 13, I'm getting myself back on track to move on with life although I occasionally turn around for a good look at the past so I don't make the same mistakes again. In all honesty, I do that a lot. Day 14 speaks of "Someone you love the most" and I thought that this is ridiculous. What could anyone ever mean by "someONE you love the most"? What if you had an equal amount of love for a whole lot of people you call family? What if they all mattered and even your handful of friends matter too?

Which is why I'm rigging the game for the first time (and I'm not too sure if it will be the last) by saying that there is never someONE that I love the most. I love them all. I call them my family. Some I call friends. One I call my boyfriend. And the rest, I call it my figure of imagination who comes to my dreams.

I've rigged the game. Now what?

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