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No kidding, John McClane is back for another round of Die Hard in which I think he should seriously JUST.DIE.ALREADY. But if that were to happen then there would be no more John McClane unless they'd like for Jack McClane to be the new McClane although that's really just not possibly seeing how John McClane is way more badass than Jack McClane.

So as we all know, John McClane is always just that ordinary cop trying to stay out of trouble and yet finds himself IN trouble without even realizing that he would be in it. Trouble-ception? He's like the Harry Potter of the real world or something except this guy just...never dies. I mean, it's called Die Hard for a reason right? Which was why he never died even after being shot on the chest in Die Hard, never died from getting kicked off a plane in Die Hard 2, never died from jumping off an exploding ship in Die Hard 3 and never died when he shot a thru and thru bullet onto himself. He's McClane for a reason.

In the end, he needs to just die already!
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A Good Day To Die Hard is no different from the first 4 movies of the Die Hard series, featuring Bruce Willis as the ever so iconic John McClane with his everlong motto of shouting out yippee kay yay whenever he's in deep shit or when he feels like it anyway. Thanks to Nuffnang and United International Pictures, I got tickets to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of A Good Day To Die Hard and I even took Wai Kin with me because let's face it, that boy needs a life. Plus, tickets would always come in a pair so I figured I might as well throw some love onto him anyway.

And if it wasn't already amazing enough that I got these premiere tickets, it was actually screened in IMAX so yes... *cue the rainbow vomiting meme*

To begin, the IMAX cinema was just bloody huge and I didn't find much comfort in being there, probably because I found it a little TOO big and I had no idea where I had to focus and the sounds were so loud that my ears hurt after a while. Maybe it's just the movie and it had nothing but cars, guns and explosions but really it wasn't THAT great an experience. As I've mentioned earlier, A Good Day To Die Hard finds itself no different from the first 4 movies of the Die Hard series where we always see John McClane in the middle of something out of nothing. This time, he heads off to Moscow, Russia in an attempt to save his son, Jack McClane, from his trial on murder. Little did he know that Jack wasn't just whoever John thought he was and in all honesty, came pretty shocking to me too. Life father, like son, no?

The storyline is simple for this; a cop trying to stop a nuclear weapon heist and before all that happens, there's just guns, bombs and broken cars. It's always just these cops trying to stop something and probably the next thing they should stop is the Die Hard series. Don't get me wrong, the movies are pretty exciting and all but I think they're really milking at it and it's getting fairly boring so A Good Day To Die Hard should just well be the death to the whole series anyway. Plus, there are some points of the movie that feels extremely unbelievable, if not just ridiculous. I mean, really? You fall nearly 20 to 30 floors down from a hotel that was being shot at and you leave with nothing but a few scratches on your face? Not likely. I know you're a McClane, but you're still human in the end, no? Somebody tell John Moore something please.

John McClane is on vacation!
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Bruce Willis makes; as per usual the regular John McClane with his iconic gestures and figures of speeches, making him just the ideal image of John McClane anyway. I won't deny it though that he is getting pretty old and there are pretty good puns at some points that shows us just that. Jai Courtney comes in as Jack McClane; the son of John McClane and is apparently a highly trained secret CIA but it really doesn't show especially when he makes a pretty brainless cop at that. While the father and son bond felt pretty good, I think that Jai Courtney still has a long way to go as compared to Bruce Willis. I don't blame him though. It's a tough job.
Got to admit the father and son bond thing is pretty good considering how they apparently don't see eye to eye. Lies!
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It rates just about 7 of 10 on my personal scale, points taken off for...NOT dying. It's insane and unbelievable. There are some surprises at points such as the death of...someone. I thought it was just going to be a drop from the building but POOF there's just so many pieces left to pick up after that. Go watch it anyway, but stay away from IMAX cinemas unless you've got eyes that goes all over and you think you can focus well enough. It's just A Good Day To Die Hard...without dying.

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  1. Right here, right now is probably where this series should just stop and leave well enough alone. Please, for the sake of all us. Good review.

    1. I totally agree. It's a good series but there's just got to be a stop to it. One can't just escape death THAT many times...especially after falling off so many buildings and having so many bullets along with glass shards protruding your body...


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