30 Days Challenge: Day 16

By Elie - 12:19 PM

Don't blame me if this update gets pretty lengthy and boring because it's really what the challenge states for it to be. But first and foremost, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ALL WHO CELEBRATE IT! If you don't celebrate Chinese New Year then may you have a great holiday! And specifically to our family friend who is close to our heart, may you rest in peace and your family accept our condolences of your passing. You have truly fought an amazing fight and you are a true winner regardless all that you have come to battle. More on this on a later post.

When I read through the challenge list, I undeniably skipped a few lines, not knowing that sometimes I would have to share so much more than just telling people of my age. Today's challenge reads as "Describe yourself" and that puts a stopper to my thoughts. I remember mentioning before that I am horrible at introducing myself, often stopping at just "Hi I'm Elie Lam and I live 20.2 kilometers away". To me, I had no idea what was it I had to share and what I should NOT be sharing so I always thought that stopping at just my name and something special would be good.

And today, I am told to describe myself. I won't deny it, I totally hate this challenge. I can hardly give a good introduction of myself to a crowd of people and now I am supposed to talk about what I think I could possibly represent myself as? *Cue the ugly impossibru meme*

To begin, I'd probably call myself weird. Having to think of the concept between a fusion of a snail and a sheep already gives me that vibe and I figure that it's a good start. Weird means unique and that's a good thing as a person right? You're unique and totally out of the world and there can only be one of you, making it extra awesome anyway. And then I think about myself as someone who is vain. Truth be told, I love taking pictures more than anything in the world (asides sleeping) but I hardly keep these pictures because I either have a pimple on my nose or my eyebags are covering like 3/4 of my face in all its glory. I guess Photoshop fixes that sometimes, but it gets pretty tiring and I've stopped taking too many selca photos of myself...unless I feel extremely..."lookable" on that day.

A "lookable" day such as this.

And then there's me being long winded. Reading this post, you would probably already know that it is true because I can't stop talking typing. Which is probably why I don't get too many readers anyway because nobody really enjoys having to read through so many words but then again, that's where the weird in me kicks in to tell me that I am a breakthrough from the ordinary so it's fine. Some days, I think of myself as a listener where I am more than ready to listen to my friends talk out their problems and what not but other days I find myself a little more irritated to have to pay attention and that's when I turn into someone long winded. You see how it all connects?

Asides that, some people call me selfish because of my nature in which I don't like having to share; especially not enjoying the fact that I have to share my boyfriend. But isn't that something that every girl hates? Unless, of course she's cheating too and she just doesn't care a lot about whether or not she is sharing. Unfortunately, it's just something that some people don't get and they call me a psycho after that especially when I think of the future and the well being of Kin and tell him about my worries. Jealousy takes you a long way yet at the same time educates you to stop being a petty little thief with no sense of logic in whatever you say when it comes to this matter.

What else could possibly describe me in any way? I guess I'm pretty emotional at times, especially when I think of the people I should have been with yet I never did or when I think about how I am never good enough to meet the people I really want to meet in this life especially now that it's been 2 very long years of correcting myself to constantly be better. Leave a comment on whatever you could think of to describe me as; whether good or bad. I mean, that's how I learn right? Unless you're the jealous woman I was talking about above then please, your argument is invalid for your lack of credibility and manners in learning to take your nose our of other people's business. Day 16 of the 30 Days Challenge? Check.

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