30 Days Challenge; Day 17

By Elie - 10:06 AM

Okay this is interesting, I'm getting closer and closer to finishing up my 30 Days Challenge and I can finally stop coming around to spam your lives (If you happen to be reading about it) with all my rubbish updates. I'm trying hard to finish up what I started, really. Someone please remind me to never do this to myself or my readers ever again, okay?

Day 17 of the 30 Days Challenge is to talk about my celebrity crush and I'm just wondering about who to talk about. I mean, I find SO many people good looking, whether that person is of the same gender or of a different gender. No, don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly straight but it is a celebrity CRUSH for a reason, right?

Here's a short list of people I find good looking.

In Hong Kong there is Raymond Lam, Him Law, Raymond Wong, Ron Ng and *coughs* Michael Miu. Seriously for an old man, Michael Miu is hot, alright?

Abroad there is Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty and several other guys that I don't really know anymore. Let me go rawr on this!

Like I said, it's a short list and I don't intend to elaborate. I like them all. GIVE ME THEM ALL! *Rolls around*

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