Happy 27th Birthday, Chef

By Elie - 3:57 PM

So I've come to realize that I've skipped at least 2 days going on 3 of my 30 Days Challenge up to date and I don't feel an inch feel pretty guilty about it yet I'm much more inclined to splatting on my bed than anything else so probably I'll just shoot up an update in the weekends with a whole compilation instead. Either way, I'll complete it. I hope.

Whatever it is, here's a shout out to the skinny chef of this family who is turning 27 today! No kidding, he's a Valentino but he's not very romantic. Or at least that's what I think. And yes, I am still very much attracted to die on my bed so let's make this quick.

Happy 27th Birthday, Chef Lam. Let's face it, you're not getting any younger...or fatter.

I know at times we'd argue and fight but in the end, we'd still make up for the moments that blood is thicker than water. Here's to more slacking time, more money, extra good health and a good career ahead of you. And maybe go get married soon so I can find the inspiration to lose some fats and look good again. Love you lots. Please remember this: SISTER not GIRLFRIEND. Vomit die me.

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