You're My Superman

By Elie - 3:35 PM

Stealing some in between time from writing up my 3 internship reports to make up for this post! Just in case nobody knows, 3 days ago was not only Valentines Day but was also my dearest Chef Lam's birthday and I had written him a nice post. So obligatorily, I would come along and give a shout out to my superman on his birthday too! So meet the superman of all the supermen in the world!

This old man, he's so old, he's got wrinkles on his toes...

Okay, so I'm not entirely sure if he DOES have wrinkles on his toes but you get what I mean by that, yes? Anyway, here's a big fat shout out to my darling superman of a daddy Lam! *Pops a bottle of beer open* Cheerios, daddy!

Thanks for being MY daddy, for screaming and shouting whenever needed and for making all your punny jokes at all times. Thanks for your sarcasm and for your little antics ESPECIALLY when you've down one too many glasses of beers. It gets hilarious by then. Thank you for fetching me in and out like a slave driver and thank you for never grumbling about having to bother with my endless complaining about work, people or my teeth. Thanks for settling just about all the problems I would face and for always being ready to kick some butt whenever I'm in trouble...even when I'm such a big girl. I think in your eyes, I will forever just be that 7 year old holding up 20 cents hoping to buy a cone of ice cream in my over sized school bag and a pinafore that looks like it's been stolen off a 12 year old.

I love you to the core, daddy Lam. You're the best daddy anyone can ask for...ever!

Your forever little baby Elie.

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