24 and Grounded

By Elie - 1:45 AM

I realized that my 30 Days Challenge has completely come to a halt at Day 17 and I sure am guilty about it but I can't seem to find myself sitting down in front of the laptop long enough without falling asleep or wanting to watch a movie hence why it has stopped. Well, okay not exactly a stop but maybe just a little pause. I bet people have been getting bored of the challenge with me throwing up random stuff that nobody quite cares about. It's just a pause, not a stop. I don't ever give up in between nothing!

But just before I go back on the challenge train, I'd like to just rage a little about this tweet I saw from FlyFM this morning about their program called "The FlyFM Fixit" where people send in messages about their dilemmas and problems so that...you know, the whole community comes by and drops a word or some advices on how to "fix" the problem. Normally it's all just things like how to break up with your boyfriend / girlfriend or how to tell someone their other half is really cheating on them and you know it yet they don't know it and you don't know how to break it to them OR it's just trivial stuff like stealing your best friend's boyfriend or girlfriend without your best friend knowing it. Today though, they had a stupid "problem" coming in about a 24 year old living with her father and somehow her father imposes a 7pm curfew on her. And THAT has gone on national radio.

The replies are pretty hilarious ranging from how her father is protecting her to how she should just move out and the ultimatum of it all was that she should be using her brains to think about how to solve the problem as a grown up 24 year old and not just throwing it on the national radio. Which is pretty true. And which is probably why she is kept in the house after 7pm. Let's face it, I leave the office at 7pm sometimes so if I had that curfew I'd need to either know magic or live just behind the office but seeing as that neither of these options are open to me, I suppose my curfew stretches out pretty far. Then again, the point isn't in me because I've just got a 12am curfew...which I once maxed out till 4am just to do a shoot. The point is that this certain 24 year old could not find the time between being grounded at home from 7pm till whatever time she goes to bed (assuming she doesn't have a bed time of 8pm imposed by the father) to actually sit down and speak to her parents about this matter. And at the same time, she just couldn't see how she should never be putting things like these on the radio. It's not a national problem, it's just yours.

So here's my piece of advice to this "problematic" 24 year old. Get home at 7pm and talk to your dad. You're 24, not 2 years and 4 months old. There's a reason why it's called reasoning and there's a logic behind logical thinking. I'm pretty sure your father isn't such a miserable old sod. He just thinks you're too childish to be left out after 7pm. After all, you couldn't even put your brains to come up with the thought of speaking to him. And now everything is just explained. "FlyFM Fixit" is now...fixed.

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