30 Days Challenge; Lots of Days

By Elie - 2:31 PM

I know this is me just being a complete cheat but I figured that I really need to get on with it and finish up with my 30 Days Challenge. Plus, I've skipped up to 7 days now so I should buck up and be a good girl to sit my butt down and write out my challenges. In fact, I'd even keep it short so I don't kill any of my readers who decides to watch me finish this torture challenge.

Day 18: Favourite band/singer
It's odd because I never got myself stuck to listening to any singer or bands for a long time but I guess I would say one of the bands I am currently very attached to would be Breaking Benjamin. I don't even remember how I found this band but I sure remember that the first song I ever heard from them was "The Diary Of Jane" and I've been hooked ever since with songs ranging to "Vindicated", "Stolen" and even "Anthem Of The Angels". In fact, I even picked one of their songs for my typography assignment in my Multimedia class! It's good, non-mainstream music. Go look for them on YouTube!

Day 19: Favourite Song
I would never have problems talking about this one because there's just about over 300 songs on my iPod and I'd probably skip most of them on a random day but no matter how fast I click next, I would never skip out on Good Charlotte's "Hold On". For some odd reason, I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it and I've been in love with it ever since. It's a song about preventing suicide and the banned music video (in Malaysia at least) was made my assignment in the first semester when I had Mass Communications as a subject.

Day 20: Favourite Quote
This was a quote made by Ralph Waldo Emerson and I heard it off an episode in One Tree Hill where Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) had said, "There is no privacy that cannot be penetrated, no secret can be kept in a civilized world, society is a masked ball where everyone hides his own character, and reveals it by hiding". I found it to be quite true back when I was a teenager and somehow I still feel it today. It's cliche, but it hits the point.

Day 21: What your crush/bf/gf looks like
This one is easy. Go ahead and click on the "Behind The Scenes" tab above to have a look.

Day 22: What you look for in a person
Funny how I always thought it would be respect for me but soon I realized that it wasn't true. It was the respect they had for old people that I would always seek. Like how they cared for the elderly in their own family or how they respected my parents if they did know my parents and matters like this. And of course the feeling has got to be right. Well hey, you can't be friends if the feeling isn't right...right?

Day 23: Your best friend, and why?
Ha! This is a trick question for sure! But it's odd because I find it fairly easy to answer. Fact is, I don't have a lot of friends (Go ahead and laugh, haters. I know you guys are having a jolly good time.) and there are only that many whom I would consider a best friend to know most of my secrets. For this, I would say Pui Yi. She knows...everything. When I say this, it really doesn't mean I don't treasure Callie, Sue Yin, Heather or Terry the same way. I would put everyone on the list if I could...but some things are just meant to be that way. I hope you're reading this, lady. You are loved by me, Melody Cheah.

Day 24: Person who knows everything about you.
Odd how this question falls just after the question on Day 23. But again I must say it would be Pui Yi. She's like my time capsule; a reminder of my youth, a memory of my day and possibly the only person who knows every single thing in my life. And I mean every single thing. Except maybe my lingerie size. Or does she?

Day 25: Last time you cry and why?
I would say last Sunday when I found out that Aunt Laura had passed away. A part of me had cried because she was such an amazing person who helped the family so much while we were so far apart from my grandparents (when my grandfather was still around) and another part of me had cried because I somehow remembered how my grandfather had said he never wanted to be in a coma like Aunt Laura if anything had happened to him. I cried; because he didn't suffer while Aunt Laura did for 2 long years and I cried, because two of these amazing people had to die. I am not ashamed to admit my defeat for such a fate God had placed on them yet I would just say, I am fairly depressed over it.

Day 26: Things you love to do
Gee. Sleep, eat, play LINE Pop and chill out to music are just about the stuff I would spend most of my time doing now I suppose. I read a lot too but that's pretty occasional now. And other times I drop by to blog of course. Am I doing this right?

I think I covered just about whatever day I've left untouched and I must say that I am proud of myself. Ha! And now I shall go do something else...like play 4pics1word on my phone. IT'S SO ADDICTIVE!!!

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