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Don't mind me while I go shriek for a little bit under my blanket because I got to have breakfast with none other than...freaking CHEESIE from!!! Yes, you'd think that as a Nuffie I may have gotten off the fan-girl moment as per the Hello Kitty event a while back but I still get all jittery and stuff when I see her...and Audrey. Forever a fan girl. *Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeams* Okay I'm back.

So let's get back on track. Today, I got to have breakfast with Cheesie from and also met bloggers such as Huai Bin from, KY from, Cik Epal from Cikepal06.blogspot.coml and Abang Nara from! Thing is, it was an event at McDonald's in conjunction with telling us how awesome it is to have breakfast and that it's going to be the third consecutive year that they would be holding the National Breakfast Day whereby you can just swing over and grab free breakfast from them. And I've been paying RM 5 for my weekday breakfasts... *Glares*

There were blog posts about this cool chance to visit the McDonald's kitchen and have free breakfast uploaded by the bloggers mentioned above and all we had to do was comment on their thread to get invites and *giggles* obviously I'd find myself commenting to get a chance right? We could even bring a plus one with us so I thought mum would be a good choice. She deserves all these awesomeness too!

Getting goodies is always good. Thanks for the RM 20 food voucher and a whooping 4gb thumbdrive, McDs!

Eventually when mum and I got to the McDs at Sri Damansara, it was already 9.45am and we were late for about 15 minutes. (It's my fault, I overslept. It's a Sunday...FORGIVE ME!) Luckily though, as per every other Malaysian event it hasn't started but it was close! So I registered for it and then feasted with mum, Ashley and her friend Chutipond on the breakfast provided. Talk about free om noms!

Egg McMuffin with Sausage Roll, fresh hash browns and coffee...with lots of creamer and sugar. One thing I have to complain is that the coffee in McDs is bloody bitter and I would have to throw in 4 packs of sugar along with 4 packs of creamer just to kill the taste off. Otherwise it's pretty good. Or maybe it's just me...

Oozy cheese from my Egg McMuffin with Sausage Roll.

However, before we could finish our meal, the manager of McDonald's came over asking us to sit outside because they were going to start with a short speech and take us on a kitchen tour with the bloggers we have registered with. Cue all the girly screams you can think of because I was going to go on a McDonald's kitchen tour with Cheesie! It began with the group from and and then on to team Cheeserland and Sixthseal. Getting all touristy here...

Did you know that every staff is only given an average of 45 seconds to a minute to prepare a burger for us hungry vultures out there? Well now you do!

I don't remember what this is called but I shall aptly name it as the HOLDER because everything gets cooked and is placed into little trays only to be transferred into this futuristic looking-cooking-device that really just keeps everything warm. It's futuristic though so everybody say "OOO!!!"

Fat die everybody! It's cheese!

I shall simply call this the dish-out area. It's where all the front line staffs get the burgers to serve hungry beasts in the restaurant. Like us...except now we're behind in the kitchen!

Burger boxes! Can you recognize them all? I know the dark orange one is for the Chicken McDeluxe and the light blue one stands for Fish O' Fillet but that's about it. If you have an idea, leave a comment below!

Three guesses what this is! Mustard? Cheese? IT'S ORANGE JUICE! Frozen and left to thaw in the crazily cold chiller...or maybe it's just because I was wearing a crop top and shorts.

This is ice cream for our sundae! Talk about being all fat and lumpy!

Bet you don't even know what this is! It's a freaking machine that gives us Coke! I'm not going to tell you how it works but it's cool enough as it is to just look!

When we were done with the grand McDonald's tour, we thought everyone would just leave but we were greeted with a better surprise. Or rather...Cheesie was. SHE GOT TO MAKE HER OWN BURGER!

First, Cheesie had to wash her hands like every other staff around the restaurant who handles food. Duh, we don't want to die from food poisoning. Here's a good comparison of her doing a good job. Thumbs up for her, peeps!

I like how she's smiling so contently and listening to instructions on how to make her own burger. Fan girl moment, okay? Fan girl moment.

Wearing gloves 101. Yeah, I just had to go and compare them both!

And that was just it for her preparations. Of course, there was a short briefing on how to make the burger but that was just all done by the McDonalds staff while Cheesie stood and listened. Meh. I might as well check out how she makes the burger, right?

First you get the wrapper from the drawer. There's different colors for different burgers...

Lay it out flat on the prepping line...

Grab the muffins from the holders!

Cheesie holding up cheese. Geddit, geddit? So cheesy.
P/S: Look at the staff who's staring at my camera. It's like he disapproves... *Glares back* Then again he looks like the Peter Parker meme. Someone insert it here please?

Putting on the sausage roll that they had immediately grilled on the stove for her because it ran out...

And then the runny egg. Seriously, my breakfasts don't look as awesome as this but this is pretty wow for me.

To finish, she wraps it the way the staff does...

And voila, Cheesie's burger. None of us ate it though, I wonder who got to. Lucky sod. 
P/S: Someone spot the staff looking at my camera...AGAIN!

It was cute because when I asked her how she felt, she said that she's done it once and it was totally cool for her to do it again. So okay, flipping burgers isn't such a bad thing. Cheesie's been there and done that now. I wish I got to try it but no, I'm not that privileged to prepare the Elie's burger...BUT I got to do something better...

 TAKE A PICTURE WITH CHEESIE!!! So awestruck because she was super accommodating and I got to take this picture with her. It's like the second time I got to do this, with the first being at the Hello Kitty event in Pavillion.

 Mum, Cheesie and I. ^^v

As a finale, yes, I did have to crawl get off bed at 8.45am on a Sunday morning but it was still worth it that I got to experience all this and learn about McDonalds in a way I didn't figure I could. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to sleep go to gym and lose some fats...then remember that I got to meet Cheesie and have breakfast with her today. Maybe someday someone would feel starstruck to have breakfast with me. I wish.

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