Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

By Elie - 3:35 PM

I have just about 4 words to sum up the movie Olympus Has Fallen.


Sadly though, those are just about the only things that made me stay till the end for Olympus Has Fallen. Sure, the action scenes by Gerard Butler are pretty worthy to watch but there's nothing else otherwise for you to look at.

 Side seats are fairly uncomfortable, really.

Much thanks to Churp Churp, I had the chance to take Wai Kin along to watch the premiere screening of Olympus Has Fallen by Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman last night at 1Utama's GSC cinemas. The storyline of the movie is simple enough and everything is terribly predictable that you simply know what would happen next but if you're one for action movies and endless gun fights then you may just enjoy Olympus Has Fallen.

To begin, the story simply goes as such: the president of the United States of America loses the First Lady in a freak accident then dismisses one of the elite members of his protection team, meets up with a representative of a certain country and the whole White House gets attacked all in the name of letting the citizens of the United States of America feel what they feel back at home. Of course, who but the dismissed elite member would come to save the day and be a national hero. The end. Predictable isn't it? In fact, the storyline is almost cliche and there's just no surprises hiding behind the walls. Pun found only if you have watched the movie. 

The movie itself has nearly zero storyline with everything simplified to only a wrecked White House, an apparent secret underground safe built for the sake of the president of the United States of America and a room with all panicky people. Then again, it just makes you wonder if the White House is indeed as safe as everyone thinks it is today considering how it was taken down in what is said to be 13 minutes by the villain of the movie. Maybe he has a slower watch or something because it felt like forever for them to put it into ruins when I watched it. Most of the things didn't make sense, mostly on how ONE dismissed elite member of the Secret Services could have outlived so many thugs all at the same time and how quickly the one who sold out the country repented. To gauge, the movie really wasn't as expected and I'm actually really disappointed in it considering the promising trailer...but I should have learned my lesson from the Dead Man Down screening. (I'm sorry, I'm just not over the fact that it sucks so bad!)

 Freeze before I start getting so determined to be the only man who could defeat all of you within one night and hold only one handgun that apparently has endless bullets in it until three quarters into the movie.

Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, an elite member of the Secret Services team recruited genuinely to do nothing but care for the safety of the president of the United States of America. There's nothing he loves more than to protect the nation but when he decides to give the president and the first lady a separation forever, he gets dismissed and is sent off to a different governmental department all together. The only reason I could think of for them to have cast Gerard Butler to this character is that he was bulk and he was definitely sexy enough to be Mike Banning. It was a mediocre performance by Butler but that's how he always has been through movies he has starred in...except Phantom of the Opera. Nothing great to shout about but he's a good eye candy through this movie.

I have dismissed the most impressive man in my Secret Services team because he let my wife die and kept my alive. I am the President of the United States of America.

That's right, Aaron Eckhart plays none other than the President of the United States of America in the movie Olympus Has Fallen. Having seen Eckhart in "No Reservations" opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones and Abigail Breslin, I've always had an impression that he makes a very good smiley man with a fun spirit to boot. The role by Eckhart doesn't exactly shine the way he might of thought he should have but that really is just what you would get when you take up a role full of composure and calm senses. That being said, I find that he doesn't do half as convincing as a president probably because of the fact that he has a baby face and a much more youthful vibe; albeit looking all wrinkly and having a failed attempt to look matured.

I am Morgan "God" Freeman.

That was inevitable, I'm sorry. *Coughs* Morgan Freeman plays God Speaker Trumbull in Olympus Has Fallen; a speaker at congregations turned temporary acting president when President Benjamin Asher gets taken into hostage while the White House gets trashed and Mike Banning attempts to save killing most of them. Every character that Freeman plays definitely just gives out the same feel over and over with nothing out of the ordinary to shock you off your chairs. What could I ever say about him?

Other actors included Finley Jacobsen as Conner Asher, son of President Benjamin Asher, Rick Yune as Kang, the mastermind behind it all and Radha Mitchell as Leah, wife of Mike Banning who is also a nurse getting freaked out at the sight of bodies all around her in the hospital. A mismatch of careers perhaps?

To sum it up, Olympus Has Fallen does provide for a relaxing watch, one that has a complete no brainer plot and one that you wish would just finish off after a while without much effort for guessing games. On a personal scale, it hits just a little over 4/10 just because of the strong cast that they had in it. Nothing much to shout about but it's not exactly the kind of show you would want to bust RM 11 on for an entrance ticket.

He ain't heavy, he's Mr. President.

Unless of course, you don't mind having to pay to watch these two sexy men on big screen while I paid with nothing but my luck! Thanks again, Churp Churp!

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  1. Replies
    1. He was so hawt the whole movie. Just pure bliss! Gyah!

  2. eh i didn't know churp2 has this screening.... THIS IS SPARTTTAAAA :P

    1. There was a giveaway for it ah! Must have missed it through your busy schedule? :P

      This is OLYMPUS!!! Hahaha!!!

    2. Hahaha wait for the not-so-legal version la. I don't think Olympus Has Fallen really goes under the "MUST WATCH IN CINEMAS" kind of show.

      It's somewhat like Die Hard. Pure action and a little bit of nonsensical thoughts on how so many people can't even get to ONE man.

  3. gerrad butler SPARTAAAN! hehehe
    nice post Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

    1. Hahahaha nah I much rather remember him as the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera!

      Thanks for your compliment! :)


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