McDonald's National Breakfast Day

By Elie - 4:08 PM

It doesn't matter if some self-righteous people are going to come by and call me shameless for what I did this morning because if you feel bad for having me get my share of the Egg McMuffin with Sausage Roll from McDonalds, then well here's a straw. Please suck it up and go away. Phew, talk about starting off bitter. But I do have my reasons for this, okay? Just be patient, you'll get to see why.

A while ago, I mentioned about having the chance to grab breakfast with Cheesie from in conjunction with McDonald's National Breakfast Day launch. Plus, I got to visit the kitchen where all the magic happens...which is actually pretty clean; a complete opposite of what I thought it would have been and I am really shocked (or just thanking God) on this. So back then, we were told that on this day (18th of March 2013), McDonald's would be giving out 1,000 free Egg McMuffins at selected outlets to some of the early birds who think that they are too good for breakfast!

Truth is, breakfast is indeed extremely important for you but most of the times, especially weekends, I would find myself sleeping through it. But all that changed when I began to work at Nuffnang because the train ride from home to the office would have me stopping by KL Sentral as a station to switch trains and I'd always be extra early; allowing time for breakfast and leisure walks instead of running for my life. This morning; of course; was no different when my father dropped me off the station and I went on my daily routine. However, it was like the train driver needed to go to the loo or something and he drove extra fast; albeit blasting out songs that I tremendously hate nowadays and I got to KL Sentral at 7.30am.

I remembered being able to get my share of a free Egg McMuffin of course, because well...I did attend the event on the 10th of March, yes? Unfortunately, there was such a long line when I got to McDonalds that I was first turned off by it only to walk to the back of the line when I decided I was too early for work anyway. Funny though because the flow was very well handled by the staff of McDonalds, KL Sentral and I got my share of the 1,000 free burgers in just a little less than 15 minutes...including the lining up part!

A friendly greeting from this lady who passed out vouchers to claim our free burgers. Sorry it's a little blur, it isn't easy to juggle a laptop bag, handbag and the stress of all the people behind me waiting to grab their burger!

I was number 400 which means 600 other people behind me must have left with a satisfied tummy and 399 other people before me would have already devoured their FREE burger!

To be honest, what makes a good morning? Hearing the raindrops fall on your rooftop and you being able to sleep in, snuggled under your blanket with your favourite soft toy. A good breakfast!

All the hungry hawks. Everyone needs their share of a hearty breakfast!

Efficient staffs of McDonalds, KL Sentral dishing out food, tray after tray and yet they still keep their smiles up.

A complete meal for RM 3.70 and a voucher. (I paid for the hash brown and coffee!)

Having enjoyed such a nice meal and even had the company of an aged lady toward the end of my breakfast, I walked off to get to work...until I got stopped by my curiosity of why there seemed to be a crowd smack in the middle of KL Sentral. As it turns out...they were preparing for something big!

This is unfortunately a video taken with my little S3 as compared to McDonald's full equipment with an industrial grade microphone and a crazy expensive camera along with their camera crew. So if you're much more interested in watching something you go! (But do support my video okay?)

(I feel like an advertorial with the link above but for some odd reason Blogger doesn't search for YouTube well enough to give me an embed to the video so I apologize that you have to take the longer road in watching this video) 

I actually think this is a great initiative by McDonalds as they find their way in giving back to the public for what they have earned. *Cue the scowls of everyone's lives thinking that I am a materialistic little kiss ass b*tch* Keep your scowls to yourself, I actually think I deserve my share of this amazingly warm and toasty Egg McMuffin! As an intern, not only do I not earn a lot but instead some days I even find myself in a complete deficit in my financials. Sure, some people would say, "Why don't you just give your burger to the needy?" Well then, who says I am not in need? No, I am not saying that I am a girl who lives in the slums under a zinc roof with 10 other siblings and we share our lingerie, but I am just saying that like every other person out in the working world right now, I too am trying hard to save up through the economy while the rich continues to get richer.

Then again, if I really did come across someone who needs this burger more than I did, I would have given it to them. But no, I didn't see anyone of that situation and probably if I did, I may have thought twice on whether they are REALLY in need or that they belong to a syndicate only. So I engulfed in what I have lined up and paid for in the end.

This is where I start turning green and my reputation just goes down the drain and I shall forever be deemed the wicked witch of the state I live in. A disgrace to my family for taking a free burger maybe? Or am I that person who deserves to be thrown an egg at all because I didn't take pity on the poor slash pretends to be poor? Well then you best prepare loads of eggs because there's about a few other thousands of people who have gotten their free Egg McMuffin too! So uhm...why are you throwing eggs at us when you could use it to feed the poor? Food for thought? I would think so.

Just as an ending note, I'd love to give McDonald's an applaud (however much others would kill me over this) for this successful event and also a great big hug if ever possible to the staff who have worked so hard in feeding all these hungry people (whether or not they could have afforded their own Egg McMuffin) through this chaos. It was a job well done and you all deserve to sit around with a McFlurry each to celebrate this joy. Toodles now as I run off to open an umbrella and shield myself from eggs being thrown at me from haters of McDonalds and self-activists who think they are all that for saying that we have shamed the nation with our want for a free burger.

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  1. Breakkies are important...its better to have something in the tummy to kick start the day than nothing.

    Egg McMuffin is yummy...not the healthiest brekkie since the egg is fried etc etc...but its nutritious enough...ooops...will I get thrown with eggs too?

    1. Hahaha missyblurkit! Thanks for playing along with me! I've been through so many blogs that talks about McDonald's and they have get all these negative remarks saying that they support the war in Giza and stuff like that, completely unaware that McDonald's has in fact already issued a statement to note that they have nothing to do with it.

      I agree, breakfast is extremely important regardless what you have. Of course, and Egg McMuffin isn't exactly the most healthy thing out there (In fact no fast food will ever be, no matter how they advertise it) but it's still better to walk out with a full tummy than an empty one. :)


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