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Hello there on an awesome Saturday! Unlike any other young adult, I'm actually at home sitting like a guy in my oversized tee and NOT at the FMFA in Sepang! I'm awesome, I know. But really, it's just not my thing so I thought I'd just swing by and tell you about this little cafe that I went to this afternoon with my college bestie, Callie! But first...

This is Callie and we're crazy like that! :)

Basically she's the girl I first knew from IACT College and we've stuck together since; going out for breakfast and lunch sessions whenever our timetables allows it to happen. But from the beginning of our internship period, it got extra difficult for us to come out and spend time together because I didn't have a car and we live pretty far away from each other so it's pretty special that we do come out...once a month in this three long months of internship!

We made it a point to come out and chill to vent our frustrations at least a day in every month and I finally came across a blog post by Sharonyong.com about this place called Poco Homemade on one of those days I was looking up for eateries to list out for something Nuffnang has planned out.So since it was a once month meet up, we thought we'd give Poco Homemade a try today!

Tucked in midst of the residential areas of Jalan Kurau, it wasn't an easy find unless you were familiar with the Bangsar areas. Poco Homemade is in fact one of the corner shops facing the back of the playground and is pretty easy to find when you come from the NSTP road.

The exterior of Poco Homemade with a sky blue paint and a teeny weeny white wooden door.

Worn out wooden boards stands outside the shop to tell you what they have to serve.

Spot the tiny hanging signage!

And the little signage you will find just before you walk in the white wooden door.

Homemade desserts sure sounds good!

Walking into Poco Homemade gave both Callie and I a very vintage-ish feel which was pretty good and at the very least, relaxed to be there. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos because it's apparently one of the policies that the owners of Poco Homemade has unless you ask permission for it but they were just so busy, we couldn't even stop them to ask for permission! So everything had to be taken secretly with our phones on silent mode so the shutter sound wouldn't sell us out!

A vintage, presumably no longer functional bicycle greets you as you walk in the door...

An old school looking sewing machine along with what seems to be the old style doors from the Hong Kong series we would watch from the 70s or 80s.

The cashier area hidden in midst of all these wooden stuffs.

Check out the old school travel bag along with this stool and awkward window. I later found out that it's actually for the owners of Poco Homemade to look out to the store front from the kitchen! Ha! So cute!

A study desk and a little bookshelf with lots of Chinese magazines inside.

While the decor and everything was just so intriguing, we had lots to question about the food because the menu given to us didn't quite have a lot of choices. We were later on served by a lady donning a white apron with a different menu but they had only 4 choices for us to choose from and we settled for 2 sets that came with a drink, a jelly and the main dish. Everything is rice though so if you're expecting noodles or pork chop, you've definitely come to the wrong place.

Burdock root, carrots, mushrooms and chicken bits rice set along with pickled white radish and homemade oolong tea jelly. 

This was my order, an absolutely delicious serving that is seriously just bloody filling because it's a huge bowl of rice that goes deep in. The look of the dish is pretty deceiving with the first thought in my head being, "Crap, what did I just order it looks like some vegetarian horror that is tasteless and yucky" and I was proven wrong. Every spoonful of this rice makes me want to have more because of the fragrant scent to it and the taste was pretty overwhelming. The jelly is something very special too because it is made of oolong tea and has a bitter after taste that takes away the taste of the rice after. Even the pickled white radish was yummy but there's only two slices of it so savour it while it lasts!

White radish with chicken rice set along with pickled white radish and homemade oolong tea jelly.

This is Callie's pick, a filling looking set with brown rice, white radish and chicken all for a hearty meal to fill you up. True to the look, it was actually VERY filling and the rice is in fact a huge portion to boot. Sad though, the white radish was a little bitter when I tried it and the taste is a little more faint compared to my order of the burdock root with mushrooms and chicken bits rice. Still a value for money order though and Callie nearly died struggling to eat this.


A chocolate drink that Callie ordered to go with her hearty set. It's very strong in chocolate taste and is also very milky at the same time. Not exactly a crowd favourite I suppose but it's decent for a drink.

Poco Homemade's special soya green tea. 

Most of the blog reviews I read had said that this was a Poco Homemade specialty and decided that I just HAD to try it and I don't regret it at all. It's got a distinctive green tea taste added into a smooth soya milk making it so good to drink. Now if only it were bottomless...

Of course, no visit to a dessert shop would be complete without the desserts so we got ourselves what appears to be some of Poco Homemade's famous cakes. Unfortunately, there was; as the rice; a limited choice and they didn't have what Callie initially wanted which is quite a disappointment because they were a dessert shop and yet they only have a tiny range of desserts? Still, we went on to get the all time famous cake that they had to offer and settled for something that they recommended to us.

Poco Homemade's special Homemade Tofu Cake. 

I read all over that this was their signature cake and I could definitely say that it is REALLY good. I loved how smooth it was when you put it in your mouth and there's a little hint of tofu taste to it, making it extra yummy and yet creamy at the same time. I could die for a second slice but it's still gets pretty filling in the end.

Macadamia with salted caramel cheese cake.

This was a recommendation from the lady who served us. I didn't like this at all, possibly because I'm not nuts over macadamia...nuts. It was pretty sweet and after a while it just turned me away from it but Callie was fine with it so I suppose it wasn't that bad in the end.

The damage for whatever we have ordered hit a whopping RM 54 in the end but we thought it was decent given the taste, portion and specialty to everything. It's not everyday that we would splurge like this but this once a month affair seemed to make it worthwhile. Poco Homemade may not be the best place for a big group of people given it's limited tables and seating arrangements but it's a great hideout for couples or a party of 3 to 4 people to gather about and have some catch-up times. I would actually come back here with my other friends if we had the chance and probably try out whatever else they have on the menu. Afterall, one can never have too much desserts. It's just what they have to offer us, right?


BANGSAR 59100,

TEL: 603 - 2287 5688

And now bear with me while I get a little self-loving and post away some pictures of Callie and I in the cafe.

Woman drives me nuts sometimes but it's okay, we're still buddies in the end...

Because she could stand the actsy in me that not many people could...

And also because she could stand the crazy in me that others can't! 

Yeah that's us in all our vanity...

You could probably guess by now we're a little nutty in the head. Oh well, birds of a feather flock together, right? Here's a kitty to kill off the hatred you have for me by now.

Le meow. Found it seated outside of Poco Homemade and I couldn't resist taking a photo. Le meow. 

And now off I be to dinner with the family! It's no wonder I'm fat. Sigh.

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  1. I want the macadamia cheesecake please! Yum!

    1. It doesn't taste half as good as it looks actually...so disappointed. Do go for the Homemade Tofu Cake thought. HEAVEN.


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